Saturday, February 7, 2009

Roughneck? roustabout?

Ok, we admit, we weren't totally convinced that "roughneck" was actually in the dictionary, and if it was, it wasn't being used correctly. We were wrong, but we may have found Michael's super secret profession.

rough⋅neck –noun

1. a rough, coarse person; a tough. (gotta watch out for those coarse music ministers)
2. any laborer working on an oil-drilling rig. Or roustabout
ROUSTABOUT?? what the hell??

1. a wharf laborer or deck hand, as on the Mississippi River. (hmm.. does it apply if it's on a bayou?)
2. an unskilled laborer who lives by odd jobs.

3. a circus laborer who helps in setting up and taking down the tents and in caring for the animals, equipment, and grounds.
4. any unskilled laborer working in an oil field. (but Micheal's got mad skills right?)
Is Michael really a circus man? That's a story line we'd like to see.


  1. Damn!

    Your Enterprise Yankees are STUPID.

  2. FYI--a Roughneck is just a term for a non-supervisor on an oil rig. The term "oil rigger" is really dated, kinda like saying "oil patch".