Tuesday, February 17, 2009

VOTE NOW 1-866-436-5708

You can vote for Michael as many times as you want by calling 1-866-436-5708 between now and 11 p.m. Good dialing!


  1. Is it a bad sign that I've already voted about 50 times and have not yet received a busy signal?? yikes :( I tried to vote for Danny Gokey and couldn't get through after several tries. Hmmmm....guess we'll see. I thought Michael did a great job, but I kinda felt like he was a bit awkward with his movements. My top 4 of the night were:
    1. Danny Gokey
    2. Ricky Braddy
    3. Michael Sarver
    4. Alexis Grace (I wasn't too fond of her new image, but great voice)

    Noone else stood out at all (and sorry, I refuse to even act like I can put Tatiana in the top list. Her voice is good, but she is all wrong for this).

  2. I know I voted like crazy (50 or more times in 3 different phones)for mike and I keep getting through. I also voted the others like 5 to 10 time except for tatiana. she annoys the life out of me. Good luck