Friday, February 13, 2009

Pick Michael's next song!

Since Michael’s preparing for his live performance Tuesday night, we thought we’d help him pick his next song. In a tight race it all comes down to song choice. Michael’s told us his top musical inspiration is Michael Jackson (yeah we were shocked too) and his favorite types of music are R&B followed by pop and rock. So here’s your chance to help. Tell us what song Michael should sing next.

We thought we'd kickstart this with a few suggestions of our own...

1. "Good morning beautiful" by Steve Holly.
Micheal's southern charm would really shine through a sweet country song. Plus, this one reminds us of the original he wrote for his wife Tiffany, which he sung in the judges' mansion before being picked for the Top 36.

2. "Higher ground" by Stevie Wonder
Who wouldn't want to sing this song?

3. "Time of the season" by the Zombies
This one is a little higher than Michael's normal octave, but with a little changes to the arrangement, it could be a great song for him. Blake Lewis covered this song on Season 6 and it's a standout performance from Idol past, so that's shaky ground. Be we're confident Michael can shine with it.

4. "Lately" by Stevie Wonder / Jodeci
We happen to think this is one of the greatest songs ever, and we appreciate Stevie for bringing it to us. But, for Michael, we recommend the Jodeci version.

5. "Don't leave me" by Blackstreet
We just want to hear this song again. It's been way too long.

Tell us what you think Michael should sing!


  1. I thought he was a praise and worship leader at Harvest Church. So, whatever happened to singing gospel, at least contemporary gospel?

    Where did Michael Jackson get in relation to Harvest? Wonder what the Pastor and congregation at Harvest thought about that?

    Follow your heart, Michael, don't impress.

  2. At least one of the congregation thinks this:
    a/ the fact that he is secure enough with his God and his gift to sing any thing he wants should put a lid on your ridiculous question, but, in case it doesn't
    b/ HE'S on American Idol because he has great favor from God. Are you also on you're at home drinkin haterade.
    Nice show of Christian love on your part...

  3. Michael:

    Follow the Spirit, you have ears to hear what He is saying to you.

    Believe! As we are believing in you and His plans for you and your family.

    sister in Christ from Jasper

  4. Before my statement gets out of hand about what songs Michael should be singing since he is a praise and worship leader at Harvest Church, let me first offer an apology to Harvest Church. To have included that statement was wrong of me--my apologies.

    And now, to try to explain my thoughts in a loving way, since I don't drink haterade, as godrilla said. First of all, I was surprised as was the reporter, that his favorite artist was Michael Jackson. Why?? Because Michael Sarver comes across to me as one fine Christian young man, and I've never met him before. What I was trying to say in the way of encouragement was: "Please don't make compromies on your way up with the talent that God has given you." And that's my prayer for him, and I pray God's blessings on him. We need Godly people in all places to be His representative.

  5. Thanks for the follow up...
    Michael is exactly as he comes honest, good Christian person(who just happens to be inspired by the music of Michael Jackson). Best wishes to you and yours.

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  7. Anyone have some song suggestions for Michael? Or better yet, maybe Michael can give us a hint to his Tuesday song?? Michael?

  8. All rhythm...the pulse, the sound of the heartbeat of God..are created by Him...from where all our creativity comes..Michael sing from your soul as you always do...It's in the depth of the Spirit that your soul will be perceived...gigi

  9. He said he was inspired by what he brought to music, not what he is. People can take what a person says and make anything out of it. We can tell by his respect and attitude, that Michael does not inspire to be like Michael Jackson.

  10. I'd like to hear him sing:

    What Hurts the Most Rascall Flatts
    I'm Already There - Lonestar

  11. I would love to hear Michael sing....
    "That Was a River" by Colin Raye