Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will Tatiana be in Top 12?

Warning: This message may upset you. (it's about 'her')

Tatiana will be in the Top 12 if VFTW has its way. Otherwise known as, the site is dedicated to "voting for the entertaining contestants who the producers would hate to see win on American Idol. We vote en masse for the contestant that we feel provides the most entertaining performances that go against what the producers want in a winner and that annoy the viewing public." One of their biggest "success" stories was their support of Sanjaya Malakar two seasons ago.

Early indications say that VFTW will support Tatiana this season, rallying its troups to vote for her in masse. So we must also vote in masse for our own Jasper boy. (Tatiana is in Michael's group Tuesday night.) Don't let her steal his spot ... or do the victory war dance with a bloody dagger and trident. We admit the above image from VFTW cracks us up ... and makes us cry.

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  1. The sad thing is she has a great voice. Her last performance was actually pretty good. It's just that personality...It's so overboard I almost suspect she is faking it for the sake of a little drama on the show.

  2. She is better than him.

  3. I'm sure she has faked it plenty of times...but not with that voice! Know what I mean? Please....let them make her go away....soon!!!!!