Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The great "Mike" handoff

After Michael's performance last night, Paula remarked it was distracting how often he changed the hand holding his mike. So we got to thinking, exactly how distracting? ... and maybe Paula's got a point. We count 22 mike handoffs (left hand, right, left, right, left...). That's one every 3.6 seconds (yes, we ARE good at math). We're thinking maybe this could become Michael's trademark, eh?? See them all below.


  1. That's why I hate this format. In previous years, contestants were almost guaranteed more than one live performance. These type of quirks are always fixed with the second performance. No one can expect these guys to be perfect on their first time in front of a national audience. Let's hope Michael gets another chance.

  2. Hey he did great. Did anyone count how many times he changed hands Weds. night? Count and let his fans know. :o)))

  3. Never mind I counted. He never (that means 0 times) changed hands. Good job Michael!!