Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is Michael getting a fashion budget?

From E online
"American Idol hopefuls are pretty much set from the moment they get that ticket. Former contestant Leslie Hunt tells us that any kid who makes it to Hollywood is flown there by the producers. But do they get first class? "They do not fly us first class," Hunt says. But the show does pay for "hotels, and they provide a couple meals a day."

Once a would-be Kelly Clarkson makes it into the top 24, Hunt says, "you get a fashion budget, as well as a small amount of money per day." (Does this apply to the top 36 this year since we're skipping a top 24 and going straight to 12?) The families of the contestants, however, often have to scrimp and save—not to mention take weeks off of work—to cheer for their kids in person."

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