Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Group 3 - Part 1

Kendall Beard
Kendall is a Lufkin, Texas native who attends school in Austin, has lived in Los Angeles, may currently live in Nashville (that's a rumor we've yet to confirm), auditioned in Puerto Rico and has parents from Louisiana. (Whew!) With her Carrie Underwood-esque voice, first impressions of her led us to believe she was a shy, quiet Southern belle with a good voice. But apparently Kendall is a little more popular than we thought. She's previously released a self-produced album, and her hometown newspaper says her dad is good friends with Britney Spears' dad.

Alex Wagner-Trugman
This one intrigues us. Much like Nick/Norman, we can't help but watch him and argue with ourselves over whether or not we really like him. He's the 19-year old student from California who, during his audition, admitted he taught himself to sing in his closet, which turned out to be full of mold and made him sick. He's a brainiac with eyes that take up half of his head and we l-o-v-e to watch the strange facial expressions he makes when he sings. While he has a pretty good voice, we don't expect him to make it past next week. But we'll miss him. Seriously, take this one to YouTube. You won't be disappointed.

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