Sunday, February 15, 2009

What others are saying about Michael

From the Tulsa World
"Matt Breitzke's toughes
t competition might be the show's other "working dad," Michael Sarver. Clearly, the producers aren't afraid to pit these two against each other (witness this week's sing-off). Luckily, Breitzke doesn't have to sing in this week's group, Sarver does. Which means he's up against Danny Gokey — the recently widowed guy that producers have been shamelessly pimping with beaucoup camera time."

From Newsday
Michael Sarver: Mister Everyman, with the voice, and perfect "aspirational story" (it's for the family!)"

From Florida Sun-Sentinel
"Roughneck Michael Sarver has been as strong as anyone through the auditions and Hollywood week."

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