Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who will advance tonight

Here's our highly subjective ranking of tonight's contestants. Our ranking is based on how likely a candidate will advance to the Top 12, not on how good they are. For example, Jeanine Vailes may rock it tonight (like Ricky last week), but she's had absolutely no TV time and therefore few fans to vote for her). Follow our live blog tonight and see exactly how wrong we are.

6. Jeanine Vailes, 5. Jesse Langseth, 4. Mishavonna Henson, 3. Allison Iraheta, 2. Megan Corkrey, 1. Jasmine Murray

6. Kai Kalama, 5. Matt Breitzke, 4. Kris Allen, 3. Nick Mitchell, 2. Matt Giraud, 1. Adam Lambert

Who'll advance: Jasmine, Adam and, in a shocker, Nick (Norm). Tell us who your top 3 picks are.


  1. I think Megan, Adam and Matt will advance. There's no way Norm will get votes.

  2. Kris Allen hasn't got any TV time either. He'll surprise everyone and since he's cute, he'll bring in the votes.

  3. I think with the hype and comments on Adam Lambert he will, although I did not really like the song. The first show was way better. #2 was boring. Who else I am not sure. Maybe Megan and Allison. Hard to tell.