Friday, February 13, 2009

Web site mistake: Michael IS in group one!

This was just posted by Michael's Myspace fan group:

Sources close to Michael have told me that the AI website has incorrect information posted. On Wednesday's show, Michael was shown as being in Group 1 (performance this Tuesday 02/17/09) but the website does not have him listed in Group 1. This is incorrect. He will be singing in Group 1 as originally shown. Please pass the word that Michael will in fact, be in Group 1 and performing on Tuesday February 17th. Also, most people are unaware that when voting, you can vote as many times as your little heart desires, with in the 2 hour window of course. So let's get our fingers prepared for a 2 hour long dialing spree! :) Let's show America that we love Michael Sarver and that he deserves to be in the top 12.

So it looks like Micheal has not been switched with Matt. While that would've helped his chances, we're confident Micheal can advance no matter who he's up against. Remember, it's not just their voices that get them to the next round. It's the votes from his fans! So I hope you're all exercising your dialing fingers.

1 comment:

  1. Michael is more than able to win the whole thing.... I truly believe it. So vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote. It is called redial, redial, redial, etc.........

    Go Michael, GA, AL, SC believe in you.