Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Error still on AI site

Ok, so it's the day of the competition and the error of American Idol's website still hasn't been fixed. Matt Breitzke is still listed as performing tonight instead of Michael Sarver on the site's front page and we know this is wrong. Outraged? Distraught? Let Fox producers know. Send an email to idol.web@fox.com. We're not sure if anyone will get the message, but we can't just sit here and do nothing.


  1. Done. If he doesn't advance this week I think this is grounds to complain. If I was a Michael fan and went to the American Idol site to see if he was performing tonight and saw that he wasn't, I might not watch the show.

  2. I am outraged by this. This is so unfair. Trust me when I say that I will NOT be a fan of American Idol if this keeps Michael from advancing.