Sunday, February 8, 2009

Idol segment or hype?

We're told services at Harvest Church today were filled with a nervous energy, as reporters and TV crew watched from behind the scenes. Michael wasn't there, as expected. Michael's in-laws were in the service, but were tight lipped about him, as were most church members. But we did confirm that he's in Hollywood right now.

Anyway, we can see how such a musical talent feels at home here. One reporter remarked that the darkened lights, live band and loud music made her feel like she was in a night club .. and isn't that really the kind of church we'd all like to be in?

It turns out the cameras were from Fox 26 in Houston. Either that or a ploy by Idol to fake us out .. not that any of us would believe the producers would do such a thing...


  1. It is spelled Sulphur, Louisiana not Sulfur. And how did you come by some of the family pics?

  2. I am not sure how much space I have to write what I would like to say to you , Micheal. I am one of many Canadians who watch this show. Likely thousands! (my fiance, the hockey player, is getting into it now abit (miracle!). I have not stopped singing the song you sang last night. Amazing!!! And I mean amazing. Continue to pick the right songs like that, an you will be the one to contend with-without a doubt! Now that you have showed us all who you really are, do as the other guy is doing right now (the guy with the glasses), and draw the crowd in even more as you have done last night. Look striaght into the eyes of the people and camera, and tell them a story! Tell them what they need to hear in this life, I mean really tell them, you already have the abilities and emotions. If you build it now, they will come!! Key word, start it now. My best to you. Just remember, this is your new life now.