Monday, February 23, 2009

Did Danny Gokey get pity votes?

Ok, we admit, we've been dubious about the amount of airtime and promotion Danny Gokey has been getting courtesy of AI producers. But we're not the only ones. Anti-Danny threads have been popping up across the web. That said, we wanted to clear the air. We don't think he's using the memory of his dead wife to win votes. Our issue is with Idol producers and judges who seem keen on giving him every advantage possible. (most TV time, best position in live shows, raving reviews from judges). Here's how one blog defended Danny:

"Some bloggers are saying he is using Sophia's death to garner votes. Other comments are that he isn't grieving properly.

In an interview, Danny was asked how he felt about being highlighted. Danny's response, "I have no control over it. Unfortunately, it's a bummer when people are really mad about it. But there's nothing I can do about it." After Danny sang "Hero", Ryan Seacrest, in a painfully obvious way, prodded Danny to mention Sophia again when he asked what the song meant to him, or who he was singing about. Though it was the night he needed votes, Danny didn't rise to the bait and mention Sophia.

Danny has gone so far as to apologize if people feel like Sophia's death has been shoved in American's face. Danny told reporters, "Honestly, this is a sob story I don't want but it is shaping my life, and it's causing hope for a lot of people. Now I have my mission set in stone." Here is a man, who only seven months ago lost his wife, apologizing to us?

American Idol does create bias by showcasing certain singers' stories and antics. Does that mean Danny Gokey used his grief to garner votes? No. Danny Gokey can sing. He is a guy going through a rough time and dealing with it the best way he can. Danny Gokey made it to the top twelve because he deserves it, not because of pity."

Read what Michael had to say about Danny here.

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