Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Group 2 - Part 1

Nick Mitchell
Nick is 27 and lives in Connecticut. No clue as to who we're talking about? Perhaps the name Normund Gentle will jog your memory. The sparkly headband-wearing comedian (sort of) who threw himself on the floor - literally - after his New York "And I'm telling you" audition. We have no idea what the purpose of Normund Gentle is, or how he fits into the competition. It seems after each performance, Nick promises he'll leave his alter ego behind and hit the stage as a serious performer. Nick lies. But we have heard him sing, and we must admit he can carry a tune. And no matter how bad we want to hate it, we love Normund. We look forward to his goofy performances, and we have no idea why.

Kris Allen
Kris auditioned and Kentucky and sang "A song for you" by Leon Russell. We have to take the word from the Internet on that one, because the only clip aired on the show was in a three-second montage and it wasn't much. During the group performance he sang in "White Chocolate" with India, Justin and Matt G. Kris seems to be a squeaky clean guy - no previous record contracts, no swimsuit calendar. Just a business student at University of Central Arkansas who leads worship at his church. He hasn't had much air time, though, which only works if you are Kelly Clarkson.

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