Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch it again and again

On second (and third) review, Michael did a lot better than we remember, especially when you compare him to everyone else. We think everyone's nerves must have been on edge because most of our favorites were lackluster.


  1. We are really excited for you. McKenna's Dad is rockin it. Not bad for a big LSLoser!! Love from home...
    Godrilla and co.

  2. jsyk...his daughters name is spelled Makenna. No capital K. love your blogsite. so far. :)

  3. Hey, Jere -- you have the look, you have the sound, you could be a star IF you don't cling too tightly to the "churchiness" that half of America now finds offensive. Save it for later, when you've won.

  4. seems to me that God would honor those who honor him.....who cares what America thinks?

  5. I'm so proud of u bro!!...I know that u have an awesome passion for the Lord!!
    I just want you to know that, everyone is with you, no matter what happens=)

    love and prayers

    Your true Fan=)