Wednesday, February 18, 2009


6:00 Yeah, we're freakin out. This is a BIG night. So many questions...Will we get ANY results in the first 55 minutes of the show? Will Michael advance to the Top 12? Will there be a cheesy group Ford commercial? Will we find out who any of the wildcard contestants are? Will crazy Tatiana return? ... Our prediction: Danny and Alexis will advance and Simon will give Seacrest another haircut. Oh, the third person? We think it's a tossup between Michael, Anoop and Ricky. Either way, we're pretty sure if Michael doesn't advance tonight he'll get to compete again in wildcard week (three weeks from now). No matter what happens, the last 5 minutes of the show promise to be nail biting!

7:10 THIS …(dramatic pause)… is American Idol (chatter). We really hate these results shows. They drag EVERYTHING out. For once, we would love like to see everyone cut in the first few minutes and then an hour of them crying. Ok, it’s on. 24 million votes were cast last night. None for Ryan’s new haircut. THIS .. is their Idol journey.. NOT AGAIN. More show padding. Ok, first group number! Singing I’m yours … Michael looks good. He’s sporting a Simon Cowellesque black t-shirt and jacket/vest. Ok, the group number is better than 80% of the show last night. Of course, we got absolutely no results in the first segment.. bet we can go another one too.

7:25 And now the highlights of last night’s show.. guaranteed to fill up the next 10 minute segment.. Ricky really was good. And now the bad ones .. not worth mentioning again. You’ve got to think they edit the judges comments to match what the final result is… yikes that may mean Tatiana’s in.. and now Alexis, also great! … pimp daddy Danny, getting the final spot AGAIN. Can the producers push him any harder?! Wait.. are we actually going to get some results.. Jackie rates her performance an A.. can we ask her to rate her Betty Boop outfit from last night. “Humble” Tatiana is back.. and she’s wearing Paula’s jewelry again (gag) It is gaudy right? It’s not just us is it?.. Seacrest is TRYING to get crazy Tatiana to come out again, but to no avail. OK.. results.. Casey is out. Stevie.. hands sweaty (cuz he knows he’s out) Do you think the judges know the results right now? Cause it’s pointless to ask them, especially when they give obvious answers.. and Stevie’s out. Alexis…(really! already?) .. watch this be a commercial break cliff hanger. SHE’S IN!!!!!!! So deserving. What are the chances that two girls make it in tonight and not two guys.. that would be a shocker… She’s singing …great again…maybe better than last night.

7:35 Ok, two spots left. Ricky and Jackie next. Ok, if Ricky’s out here it’s great news for Michael. Hey Seacrest, maybe Jackie likes clowns (she sure looked like one last night). Ricky’s OUT!!!!! They’ll definitely give him a wildcard spot. He was great last night. Jackie’s out too. Anoop and MICHAEL.. Here we go.. yikes! This is it. Scares us that they put them two together. Heart... beating… really… fast.. Michael “my heart is pounding out of my chest” OURS TOO. Going through is MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anoop’s out! WOW.. Michael’s singing again. MUCH better tonight and the mike is staying in one hand.. told you he could fix that. Sounded GREAT! …wish he had done that last night and saved us a lot of stress. Only 20,000 votes separated Anoop and Michael. At least 1,000 of those were ours! Way to go on the voting guys!!

7:45 So it looks like Dial Idol was accurate. We’ll have to remember that for the next rounds. We’re still in shock and our phones are ringing off the hook.. stop calling so we can finish the blog. We’ll celebrate afterwards. Ok, we were busy and missed some Disney AI ride/show something promo. Ok, settle down, wait those contestants are from last season. We LOVED Carly and almost boycotted the show when she was cut last year… almost. Ok, so they are going to sing and we’ll have our second segment with no results.. that’s ok cause MICHAEL’S IN! We’re going to use this song as a chance to take a bathroom break. .. back. You know it’s so unlike AI to reveal the best results in the middle of the show.. especially since the vote was so close. You know Danny’s got the last spot. But of course they’ll announce him last because that is the pimp spot.

7:55 Is it just us or does there seem to be more commercials than normal. Ok, we’re back. Anne Marie, Brent, forgot her name, out, out, out. Danny and Tatiana are last…OH THE DRAMA.. not really. Seacrest is trying AGAIN to get out her crazy.. but no luck. Hasn’t anyone told Tatiana she has a better chance getting votes playing the psycho part. MORE commercials?? We’ve been waiting for that cliffhanger moment.. of course they saved it for Danny.

8:00 Ok guys, we should explain: We don’t hate Danny, we just feel he’s been overhyped by the producers, so much that he’ll win no matter how he sings. And … Danny gets through. Wait… we …are.. almost feeling sorry for Tatiana. Nope. Well Danny’s performance has some great moments mixed with a few bad notes, but we can see why America loves him. AWWW… Tatiana’s crying (and we don’t think it’s funny this time..hmm..) Group 2, Megan, Chris, Misha, Matt B., Allison, Matt G., Jazmine, Ty, Jesse, Adam, Jeanine, Nick (NORM woo hoo)!! CONGRATS MICHAEL!!! –Enterprise out.


  1. We're praying for you Michael!

  2. Houston is voting for you Michael....way to go.

  3. I knew you could do it! I was personally responsible for over 100 votes!! I hit redial for about 1 1/2 hours. - a fan in Lake Jackson, TX!!


  5. Oh My gosh....we are screaming our heads proud of you...gigi and pops

  6. Wearing out my redial button paid off! I was really worried because I never got a busy signal the whole time. Our full support for Michael here in Orange, and all my relatives in Louisiana. We love the guy! Keep on being yourself, everyone loves you!