Thursday, February 26, 2009


7:00: THISSS… is American Idol. So before we get started, let us make some predictions and suggestions. Who’ll advance: we predict Adam, Allison and Matt G.. Who should advance: Adam, Megan, Allison and maybe Kris. Too bad this is a popularity contest (meaning if you got lots of TV time you’re considered popular) and not a singing contest. (And it’s a good thing Michael’s got the TV time).

7:10 So how long will we have to wait for the first results tonight? And how many cheesy film montages will we have to watch. Well, here’s the first montage.. and it wasn’t that bad. Now the group number! Is it a coincidence they started the number with Adam and Matt G, the two we predict will advance?? Ok, Matt B. singing next to Kai and then Nick singing next to Kris were some strange pairings. Ok, Norm as Nick without the comedy doesn’t work. Some nice dance moves all the way around (except for Matt B. just looked uncomfortable.)

7:20 And other montage (that makes 2), Yikes, Matt and Jeanine were both bad last night. Remember that clip when Matt advances later tonight. Ok, 15 minutes into the show and still no results. Nice little speech there by Matt B. He does remind us a lot of Michael, which means he cannot advance. We don’t want anyone splitting Michael’s vote. Ok, Allison is up first … and Jesse joins her … and Matt B joins them … how much you want to bet we get no results before the commercial … and as predicted, Allison advances!!! Matt (woohoo) and Jesse are out. Allison rocks the song again! Can’t wait to see more of her.

7:30 Ok, two spots left. Kris and Megan are up next (they’re both about to be robbed, can we say wildcards). Add Matt and Jeanine to that group. Ok, one of these will be in top 12. Jeanine is out. MATT IS OUT!!!! WHAT??!! YEA!! This is grrrrrreat news. We would be happy with either of these making it into the Top 12. Guess DialIdol isn’t always right. And the results, after hours of Kara’s ramblings, Kris is in! So the multitudes of teenage girls DID vote last night. But his song wasn’t as good as last night. Still we think the tweens will carry him far.

7:45 We’re bummed Megan’s out, but she should get a wildcard spot. So it’s obvious who’s gonna fill the final stool.. but first ANOTHER MONTAGE. Damn that was long. And now Brooke White.. I hope she doesn’t mess up, not sure they’ll let her restart her song this time. Her advice to the contestants “Don’t google your name” HA. We think we’ll try that with the Top contestants tomorrow and report back. We wanted to like Brooke’s song, but we already forgot that she sang, (hope she doesn’t google this).
7:55 Five contestants left. Mishovanna, Kai, Nick, Adam and Jasmine all up. Adam should have this easily. Someone told us today that Mishovanna looks like one of the Who’s from whoville (dr. seuss).. made us laugh. So from here on out she’ll be known as Cindy-Lou. And Kai, Cindy Lou and Jasmine are out. Nick, Norman and Adam are left (yes, Nick and Norm are the same person…sort of). So, this is like last week when they left Danny and Tatiana for last.. (yes Nick is Tatiana is this scenario) … and the big cliffhanger coming after the commercial.

8:00 And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.. but he is. Nick aka Norm is going home (but not without his silver spandex) Adam’s in. Damn’s he’s theatrical. – Enterprise out

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