Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What others are saying ...

From Seattle Times
"I still like this guy a lot. He looks like he's having fun up there, and it's contagious. Nice closing run."

From Entertainment Weekly
"Ricky, Danny, and Anoop's conceivable battle for two positions in the finals does not bode well for Michael Sarver, Brent Keith, or Stephen Fowler. Granted, Simon (surprisingly) lobbied in favor of Michael surviving into future rounds, but not because his wobbly, oxygen-deprived rendition of Gavin Degraw's ''I Don't Want to Be'' (another track that needs to get retired from Idol) was any better than what you'd hear in any roadhouse bar on a Saturday night — okay, you got me...I don't know that much about roadhouse bars on Saturday nights, but I'm gonna guess they don't pronounce ''hafta'' as ''hoffta.'' Simon instead praised Michael's likeability, pointed out that here was the kind of contestant who really ''needed a break,'' then encouraged America to give him another chance in the competition."

From USA Today
"Michael Sarver tries to rock out to Gavin DeGraw's I Don't Want to Be and fails miserably. Evidently, he doesn't want to be tuneful. Apparently, he doesn't want to be the next American Idol. Unimaginably, considering that he's sounded pretty good to this point, he actually sounded almost as bad as Stevie Wright."

From Newsday
"Michael Sarver, the roughneck who I like, steps up next. White shirt, jeans, doing "I Don't Wanna Be". It's okay; not a great song, it fits him but I don't know, just not grabbing me. He puts out a lot of energy, voice seems to be swallowed up a bit. It's okay, not horrible, not memorable."

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