Saturday, February 21, 2009

Survey: Anoop should have advanced

A group called HCD Research conducted a survey after last Tuesday's American Idol show to determine which contestant would advance to the Top 12. They surveyed 1,522 American Idol viewers and then on Friday sent out press releases to media nationwide announcing that Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai, not Michael, should have moved to the Top 12.

So we're confused. Why was this survey even conducted? We could maybe understand if they were going to release the results BEFORE the results show, as their own prediction of what might happen ... but AFTERWARDS? They only proved that their methods don't work. Also, the research company surveyed 1,500 people and thinks it is going to be more accurate than the 24 million person survey American Idol did. It seems like everyone's looking for a reason to scream 'RECOUNT' these days.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested here are the survey's (very inaccurate) results, which show Michael getting less votes than Danny, Alexis, Anoop, Ricky AND TATIANA. Enjoy.


  1. Notice where the survey is housed? New Jersey? Excuse me - obviously they know NOTHING about Southern Pride and supporting our home-town folks.
    Stupid yankees anyway.

  2. and i guess the Idol methodology that allows people to vote as many times as they want so that AI earns lots of text messaging revenue and calls Sanjaya the winner week after week is good? you guys don't understand methodology but AI understand money!

  3. A high majority of the votes comes from toll-free phone calls. Any fee for text messaging goes to the phone company not Idol (only ATT customers can even text). But you're right about one thing.. the survey probably doesn't take into effect that our fans are diehard and will vote hundreds of times each.

  4. Well I conducted my own survey here, and 100% of the people chose Michael to advance. Sure, we only surveyed 2 people here. What? My sample size wasn't large enough?? :) I'm sure 1,500 out of 20 million isn't much better!! You can get any results you want if you just do poor enough research.

  5. text messaging revenue is shared with idol. read the articles...they make lots from text messaging through an agreement with aT&t.