Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meet Group 2 - Part 3

Allison Iraheta
At the age of 14, Allison won $50,000 and a recording contract from a singing competition on Quinceanera. While the record contract didn't seem to stick, her teenage rendition of "Total eclipse of the heart" was phenomenal, and we hope to see her bring that performance back on Idol. She's now only 16, and carries a deep, throaty voice worthy of only experienced singers. She hasn't received much TV time, but you will recognize her the minute you see her. She has bright pink hair from root to tip.

Jasmine Murray
Jasmine is another one of Idol's junior singers - only 16 years old. She sang "Big Girls Don't Cry" during her Jacksonville audition, and made an impression on the judges from the start. Simon said she was "cute, commercial, and a very very good singer." What he didn't say was she seemed to sing it all from her nose. But this model-esque contestant is quite marketable, and we think she looks a little like actress Gabrielle Union.

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