Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idol tour skipping Houston

Tickets for the American Idol Top Ten Summer Tour, which includes Jasper's Michael Sarver, go on sale May 9. But Southeast Texans will have to drive to Dallas for the concert.

Houston isn't on the list of 50 cities the tour will hit, according to the American Idol Web site. There also are no dates booked in Louisiana.

At a welcome home event in Jasper April 8, Sarver told fans he expected the tour to have a Houston date and that he hoped to hear his Jasper fans there. The tour begins July 5 in Portland, Ore., and the group will be in Dallas July 23.

Are you as upset as we are? Leave a comment below and we'll forward them to Idol producers.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo recap: The historic save

"We're going to sing this group song now, which has gotten way awkward since we got busted lip-synching."

"Who's gonna go? Who's gonna go? We don't know!
(But we know who won't...)

"Welcome Jennifer Hudson - proof that winning Idol isn't everything. Jennifer was voted out in 6th place and still makes way more money than all of us!"

"Here's your bottom three. Some of them are getting used to this."

"You're safe, Noop Dog.
Go, Dog, Go."

"And here we have teen queen Miley Cyrus: Proof that Allison really is the only teenager who can actually sing."

"Oh no, say it a'int so! Lil is STAYING?"

"Welcome back, Lil. Please don't mess it up again next week."

Matt gets to sing the very song that got him voted off the show
in hopes that the judges somehow missed it the night before...

"Save him! Save him! None of us are ever going to need it!"

"What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?"

"No, really, what are you gonna do?"

"Oh my God, they saved him! History has been made! But next week is Disco Week and everyone except Adam is going home!"


Two-judge format for ever?

The Associated Press released this story this week:

Kara Dioguardi says the two-judge format could be a one-time thing on “American Idol.” Tuesday’s show switched things up by allowing only a pair of judges to review a singer because of time constraints. But Dioguardi, the fourth addition to the judges’ panel, expects the series will return to normal next week, giving everyone a chance to chime in. Dioguardi, who was paired with Randy Jackson, says she learned of the format change shortly before the telecast. She says it was a “safety” measure because last week’s performance show ran over schedule. Simon Cowell blamed her and Paula Abdul for talking too much. Dioguardi jokingly responds that Cowell will never blame himself for “Idol” snafus.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Giraud saved by Idol judges

It was Disney Channel night on Idol tonight with appearances by Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron.

We kid of course. Oscar-award winning Jennifer Hudson brought up the caliber of talent with a hit off her 2008 album.

Surprisingly, some of the Idol contestants sounded better to us than the two stars with recording contracts. Unfortunately, America could not vote Miley Cyrus off. Her rendition of "Climb" was so pitchy it made us want to 'climb' behind our couch until her segment ended.

No, tonight America tried to send Matt Giraud home. Callers apparently did not "really, really looovvvve" Matt.

The poor woman's Justin Timberlake, however,seems to have swayed the judges.
Simon told Matt: "I really don't think you have a chance to win this ... but, it's good news."

Following the big announcement, Simon cautioned all Idol contestants not to "celebrate too much". Next week is "Disco week" and two Idol wannabes are going home.

Our prediction, it won't be Adam Lambert!

We're predicting a Gloria Gayner "I Will Survive" surprise from Adam. Can't wait.
Until then, Enterprise out!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 7 perform songs from the movies

The Top 7 took on songs from the movies tonight, with director Quentin Tarantino as their mentor (which had us sort of scratching our heads, seeing as how he doesn't sing).

The ever-rockin' Allison kicked off the show and was praised for Aerosmith's "I don't wanna miss a thing." Paula said she's a lot like Matt, keeping it real every week. Simon said she's the only girl that can really win the competition. Seeing as how she's one of only two girls, and the other is Little Miss Tina Turner, I'd say that's a pretty good prediction to make. According to DialIdol (and her frequently sitting center stage), Allison fluctuates from super safe to bottom three week after week. Allison fans, you need to spend a few extra minutes voting tonight.

Anoop took on the well overdone "(Everything I do) I do it for you" by Bryan Adams from the Robin Hood soundtrack. And just like Randy, when we heard he was singing this we sort of clenched our teeth. But, while we really haven't been Anoop's biggest fan these days, we have to give him credit for this one. Probably his best performance.

Our Idol extrovert Adam Lambert is "Born to be wild." Adam doesn't actually have to sing anymore to impress us. He could just stand on stage and smile and we'd give him the award for best act of the night. He hit notes that might have cracked our TV. Once the star-struck teenagers stopped screaming, the judges gave him big props. Paula said he's one of the bravest contestants ever. Simon said he's becoming incredible, but did say it was a bit like something from Rocky Horror Picture Show. But as far as songs go, this really wasn't his best. Either way, we'd vote for Adam if he sang "Mary had a little lamb," and bet it'd be the best &%$# song we've ever heard. We're just sayin'.

Matt Giraud took on Brian Adams as well, with "Have you ever really loved a woman?" from Don Juan DeMarco. The truth is, he didn't do a really fantastic job. Judges agreed, with Randy saying he failed in more places than he won and Kara saying something we completely missed because we were watching Simon make really strange faces in the background. But we don't want to openly admit the truth, because it might jinx him. And we love him. So we are pretending he raised the roof.

Robert Downey, Jr. Danny Gokey came out sans glasses for Lionel Riche's "Endless love." There were harps. It was...hmmm...well...we snored. Honestly it was something we'd have expected in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Paula loved him. Paula always loves him. We don't trust Paula's judgement where Go Go Gokey is concerned. Simon was disappointed with the traditional take on the song. We're starting to like Simon more and more. Simon did the forbidden and brought up Danny's wife, and so the votes will flood in. I can almost hear the crying women dialing now...

Kris Allen earned extra points immediately for choosing the awesome but not-so-well known song, "Falling slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (one of our favorites...lets add a few more points). Randy said he wasn't sure about the performance. We don't like Randy right now. We agree completely with Kara in that it was one of his best performances. Kris has been bringing some serious competition the past few weeks. We recently made the statement to another Enterprise Idol fan that Kris was "vanilla" - always a great flavor, but just not as good as chocolate. We have officially upgraded him to "The Great Divide" - a fine mix of chocolate and vanilla that makes us stand up and cheer.

Much to our surprise, Lil Rounds didn't pick the Titanic song. Instead she went with the equally hated "The Rose" by Bette Midler. This song painfully reminds us of 7th grade choir. But once she hit her second verse, we had to stop and say, "Whoa." Paula said something we totally didn't understand. Simon said she got it wrong again. While we don't agree completely agree with Simon, we just can't put Lil high on our list anymore. We didn't care much for her back talking, either. Brooke White, anyone?

Here's how we're ranking tonight's performances:

1. Kris
2. Allison
3. Anoop
4. Adam
5. Matt
6. Lil
7. Danny

And for the big one...
Who do we predict will go home tomorrow?
(drumroll, please)

Or maybe we just hope.

Ready... set... vote!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

8 becomes 7

Your bottom three.

Will it be Anoop? Will it be Scott?...

...It's Scott.

America said goodbye to Idol-hopeful Scott MacIntyre last night, bringing our Top 8 to a Top 7. While we've secretly hoped for Scott's elimination for some time, the actual event was a bit tearful and sad. A great musician and inspiration to all, Scott just didn't belong on Idol's pop star platform. But we expect to see him more in the future.

Some contestants stepped up their game Tuesday night, and some just seemed to quit playing.

Here's how we rate Tuesday's songs from the year they were born...

Great Performance of the Night: Adam Lambert, who made it snow in hell when he brought Simon to his feet for his first standing ovation in 8 years.

Great-But-Not-Quite-Adam Performance of the night: Allison Iraheta, who at just 16 years old, makes us feel a bit like failures every time she opens her mouth. Randy said she sang her face off. We agree. We also feel a little old when she sings "I can't make you love me" as a song from the year she was born.

Most Under-Appreciated Performance: Kris Allen's "All she wants to do is dance." The judges said he was overshadowed by the horns and strange arrangement. We disagree. We think the arrangement was a nice change to the otherwise karaoke song.

Most Over-Appreciated Performance: Danny Gokey's "Stand by me." Okay, so he can sing, but the man has his limits. The judges praised his performance like it was the best thing he's ever done. We expect to hear that version as a free gift when you buy 3 or more CDs from Hallmark.

Most Oh-My-God-That-Did-Not-Just-Happen Performance: Lil Rounds with "What's love got to do with it." Even if we weren't sorta over Lil, we'd have stood their with our mouths on the ground. There's almost no way to make that song original, but that doesn't mean be Tina. From her walk to her eye movements, Lil Rounds became Ms. Turner's shadow. It was like watching Angela Bassett in the closing credits of the movie. Not good, Lil. Not good.

Most Please-Let-Him-Be-Next Performance: Anoop. He can sing. So could the guy that wore the sparkly headbands. Doesn't mean he needs to be there.

Most Can't-Wait-For-Him-To-Make-A-CD Performance: Matt Giraud. It doesn't matter what he sings, we love him. And we totally think he would win... if Adam wasn't there... and Danny dropped out... hmpf.

Most-Like-The-Year-They-Were-Born Performance: Scott's version of "The Search is Over" was a flashback to the 80s. We think he could rock a REO Speedwagon or Air Supply cover band.

Rumor is next week will be "Songs from the Cinema" night.
Anyone wanna vote Lil for "My heart will go on"?


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally ...

...the right person went home at the right time. Goodbye Megan. You held so much promise and we were excited about the originality you could bring to the show. But alas, you failed to deliver.. again. (See ya on the tour)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You asked, Michael answered

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for us to ask Michael today in our one-on-one interview. Here's what he said. Watch for the full audio of the interview later and read the story in tomorrow's Beaumont Enterprise.

QUESTION: I recently viewed a clip interviewing Danny Gokey about your departure; he spoke of a song that you had written that he wants on his 1st album. With all the talent in the top 10, besides Danny, because its apparent that the both of you have become friends, do you see yourself working along the side of other top 10 performers from Season 8? Will the opportunity exist to write for, and even perform with, these other contestants besides the releasing of your own material?

ANSWER: Yeah, I could see myself working with Allison (Iraheta), definitely; Kris (Allen), we have some things in common musically. If they’ll have me, I’ll be there. They probably say the same thing about me. There’s a mutual respect between us. If the opportunity arose, absolutely.

QUESTION: I loved Michael on American Idol. I enjoyed his singing but even more than that was his personality. He has the best attitude I've ever seen. I can tell Jesus just flows out of him. My question would be would he consider Contemporary Christian. I think he would be great at that. I'd love to hear him sing it.

ANSWER: I actually would, But I’ll tell you this much. People will be surprised to see when my album comes out, it will have some inspirational on it. I am choosing the secular music world just for the sake that I believe that once you gain a voice you can speak about those things you believe but until you gain a voice and the respect of people. You can’t just expect them to listen to you just because you are.

QUESTION: When will we know dates and places for the tour?

ANSWER: – That’s actually a question I’d like to ask. We’ve not received any information ourselves about dates.


More interview videos

Here's some more of Michael's TV appearances this week. We're looking for more, as there have been a lot. If you see any other videos online let us know at and we'll get them up. Thanks!


A murky future

DialIdol's prediction of who will advance tonight is a little (read a lot) unclear. Five of the nine contestants are said to be in danger of being eliminated, with Megan in the most danger. Who's safe: Danny, Kris, Adam and Lil. (Of course, they said Matt was safe last week and he ended up in the bottom 2).