Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sunday morning message

Being Sunday morning and all, we thought we'd share a message from one of Michael's church members ...

From the "Sweet Roughneck" facebook fan club
"I knew Michael and worked with him at Harvest Church in Jasper for over 4 years. I can tell you that Michael and his precious wife Tiffany are some of the sweetest & genuine christian people I know. When my little girl was in ICU, they never stopped praying for her to recover from a severe asthma attack-they (among my other church family members) know the power of prayer. They also live and walk their lives by a deep faith of God's promises and it shows. I pray that God continues to show Michael & his family favor. I also pray that God uses Michael and his amazing testimony to reach the lost, the hopeless and the broken. Watching & waiting to see just what a unmeasurable, incredible & timeless God will do....." (signed Paula)

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  1. This picture is from when Michael co-lead worship at Victory Christian Center in Houston. MIchael was a huge blessing to our congregation and still is. He will always be a part of the VCC family. The gifting and talent that he brought to our church made a huge impact on so many lives. We are all supporting him 100%. We got your back Michael! Do us proud! :)