Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes, we're a little shocked, but Kris definitely deserves it! CONGRATS!

Well guys it's been a fun season. We can't wait to see Michael in the Idol Tour in Dallas. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Till next season

-Enterprise out


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One show to go, one Idol to name

This is the final performance show.
This is the final performance blog.
And thissssssssssss is American Idol.

As Ryan said, it's the battle of the guy next door versus the guy liner.

Tonight Adam Lambert and Kris Allen each sang three songs: they're favorite from the season, the producer's pick, and this season's "cover" song, written by judge Kara Dioguardi.

Adam started out with his most favorite performance of the season, "Mad World" by Gary Jules. The judges did exactly what the judges do - Randy gave his dawg some props, Kara talked "artist," Paula looooves him, and Simon gave bad news with his good news (this time Adam was too theatrical).

Kris' favorite was "Ain't no sunshine," by Bill Withers. We remember this as the first time we heard Kris sing and stopped to say, "Wow."

Randy: Dawg.
Kara: Artist
Paula: Looooove
Simon: Good news. Bad news.

Simon called the first round - as Simon always calls the finale rounds - and gave it to Kris.

After Adam's second performance, the producer's pick (with a name we totally missed because we ran for beverage, sorry), the judges all hailed him as the best thing to hit the music scene since the electric guitar. Paula said he will be "iconic." Simon said he was back in the game. We love Kris as much as the next fan, but after hearing his version of "What's going on," think Adam was much better. Simon did, too. "Too laid back," he said, giving points from the second round "a million times" to Adam.

The third song is the season's title track. The first single. The uplifting, motivational song that could double as the anthem for the Olympics. Dioguardi's "No boundaries" is this year's choice. Judges' comments went something like...

Randy: Didn't like the song, but you sing your face off, dawg.
Kara: I wrote that song. It's so cool that you sang it. Kelly didn't do as good with my other songs.
Paula: Adjectives can't express. I don't know them anyway. Fan forever. Loooooove.
Simon: You rock, Glambert! You ROCK!

Like Randy said, Kris was a better fit for the final song. And all the judges agreed, he's done an amazing job this year - coming from someone we never saw on camera until the group rounds to the final two. Essentially it sounded like...

Randy: You aren't going to win, but we like you.
Kara: Thank you for making my song sound better than he did.
Paula: Fan forever. Looooooove.
Simon: Second place out of like 3 million is pretty awesome, lad.

We made a little sideline observation: Did you think the other judges were sort of making fun of Kara's song? She looked tight-lipped and a tad upset as she listened to the other comments about the song not being right.

So... place your bets.
Who will be the next American Idol?

Tomorrow is going to be a humdinger of a show, with lots of performances and a sure appearance from Michael Sarver! Join us here to talk about it after the votes are handed out.

Until then, Enterprise out!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who will make the final two???

Danny and Adam?
Adam and Kris?
Danny and Kris?

Who's it gonna be????

We think last night's show deserves a little water-cooler talk. And it's not Adam and Danny we want to talk about, it's Kris! All we can say is: O-M-G. What a fantastic performance of Kanye's "Heartless"!

DialIdol predictions are sketchy today, since the final three are apparently running a pretty tight race. Probably the closest Idol has ever seen at this point (that's an Idol Chatter prediction, of course).

But we want to know what you think.

Who will be heading home tonight?


Monday, May 4, 2009

The misadventures of Sassy Sarver

Michael Sarver is getting a new nickname.
Forget Pork Chop. We're rollin' with "Sassy Sarver: Jasper Diva."

One of our Enterprise Idol fans found a story earlier today on about the Parade Grand Marshall for Jasper. This story somehow disappeared shortly thereafter (and we're thinking the reason can be tacked to the bottom of that diva list), but a true Idol fan has copies of such things.

According to the story, Michael Sarver is going to be the only Grand Marshall for the Lions Club 63rd annual Jasper Lions Club Rodeo Parade. Awesome, right?! That's a pretty cool accomplishment!

Wait... hold the applause.

Apparently Michael was supposed to share that title with Jasper's new head football coach Mike Bickham. But, and we quote, "Lions Club Vice President and Parade Chairman Lequin Hilderbrand said on Monday that the change occurred after receiving a telephone call from Michael Sarver Monday morning."

Bickman will instead be "Parade Boss," along with JISD Athletic Director Thomas Brooks.

We certainly don't want to make assumptions, but it sounds sort of like Michael went all Diana Ross and pitched a hissy for not being the coolest thing in town. And let's be honest here, we're super proud of Michael and we back him 100 percent. We can't wait to hear his first CD. But 10th place doesn't exactly call for an event contract and a dressing room full of Evian and fresh fruit. And lets not forget this is Texas. Idol is great, but football is right under God.

We're not sure why the story was removed. We could be wrong. We're hoping so.