Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did Michael get second-highest votes?, a website that predicts who got the most votes by measuring how often each contestant's phone lines were busy last night, suggests Michael got the second most votes last night. They rank the singers. 1. Danny (phone line busy 23.7%) 2. Michael (busy 4.4%) 3. Alexis (3.4%) 4. Anoop (2.0%) 5. Ricky (1.8%). But there is a 3.1 percentage point margin of error for Michael, which means he could have also gotten less votes than Anoop and Ricky. But a bit of good news, eh? We're a little surprised because we voted hundreds of times for Michael and never got a busy signal. Curious.

UPDATE: We're told the percentages in the charts above are adjusted to account for population variances (whatever that means) across the country and thus are the more accurate. The actual busy signal percentages are here, which still show Michael advancing, but mixes almost everyone else up. ... which just goes to show nobody knows what the hell they're talking about..

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  1. I have used dialidol in the past and I have noticed some variances on the totals. If we get everyone on here using dialidol we can definitely make a difference and push for him. Let's just say that it worked for "Pony Hawk" Boy.