Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Should Michael sing country?

All across the web and media, everyone seems to think Michael is a country singer, even though he considers himself more of an R&B artist.

From Houston Chronicle:
The much-promoted “roughneck” seems destined to fill the Josh Gracin slot, which means he may go on to become a successful country singer.

From the Arizona Republic
And yeah, Micheal's voice is fine, but I can't see him doing anything but country, and he's shown no interest in that sort of thing. At his audition, it was cornball R&B from Boyz II Men. Now he's snarling his way through a Gavin Degraw song. He should get a hat and try some Kenny Chesney. That, I might believe.

They've already pigeonholed the singers into different boxes -- oil rig roughneck Michael Sarver looks like a country guy, even though he hasn't sung country on the show. Don't get out of your pre-assigned box, people!

From The Boston Globe
Michael's an okay singer who will be exposed as soon as they make him sing Barry Manilow or even Bon Jovi instead of comfortable country.

From Rochester News
Michael has a beautiful country voice, and you can totally hear him on a recording. He's just such a better singer! I am in love with him. I think Michael could win it. I really do.

From MJs idol blog
If Michael choose to sing country song and do it good, he will be a lock into top 12. Cause contestant who choose this genre in previous season, most of them (or all of them???) make it into top 12 and make it quite far in the competition. From Josh, Carrie, Kellie P, Bucky, Phil and Kristy, at least they reach top 8.


  1. Well, I say don't judge a book by its cover. If he wasn't a roughneck from Texas, no one would have thought country. He can sing it but that is not him at all

  2. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

  3. It's all in relation to Oil-rigging and being from Jasper. These media know-it-alls don't have a clue. Stick to what you know, Michael.

  4. Just because someone has somewhat of a southern TX-LA accent, does not mean that they are a good ol country boy. Michael does NOT sing country. Never has. He can sing anything thrown his way. He has soul. Too much for country. Just wait. You will see.

  5. To the Boston Globe: He will be found to be a great singer. Some people just can't get it right. Oh the media

  6. Thanks Rochester News, now that is good reporting.