Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Will judges get veto power?

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Idol producer Ken Warwick on his radio program today. Ken says the “new rule” that will be introduced tonight came about to solve a “problem that’s been around since Season 1.” Ken says they tried the rule out in the French version of Idol first.

According to the Wikipedia entry for Nouvelle Star, in the last series, the judges were able to exercise a one time veto on an eliminated contestant at any point in the competition. The judges used their veto during the first week, sparing a contestant named Kristov, who was eventually eliminated 3 weeks later.

Here’s how the new rule worked in France: The judge get a veto power, it means that they can save one contestant during the whole season. It works the following way, after the contestant(s) was eliminated, the judges have a meeting and decide if he is worth saving or not. If they decide he deserved it they give him another chance and the following week they start the show with the same contestants.


  1. Will each judge get a veto during the season for a total of 4 or will there be just be one for the season? This isn't as bad as I thought. I prefer this over them deciding which of the lowest vote getters to eliminate each week. This would have saved some good people in seasons past.

  2. Hmmm...Interesting. My only problem is that, particularly if each of the four judges uses one veto for the season & no one gets eliminated for those weeks, that could really drag things out. *LOL* I love the show, but by the time May rolls around, I'm always antsy to get it done & pick a winner already!