Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet group 3 - final count

Jorge Nunez

There isn't a lot of information about Jorge out there, so here's what we know: He's 20 and lives in Puerto Rico, where he auditioined with a Spanish version of Sinatra's "My way." And in all honesty, after going back and reviewing that audition, he really shines when he sings in Spanish. In English, not so much. Jorge sort of creeps us out, but we don't know why.

Taylor Vaifanua
Taylor is another Student Crew member this year - just 16 years old. She is from Hurricane, Utah and auditioned with "Joyful, joyful." Before she sang, Randy compared her to Jordin Sparks, also 16 when she auditioned. Spiritual music is in her background, as she released an album at just 14 with songs written by Christian artists. She's also toured Utah singing at fairs, events, etc.

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