Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Top 11 performance

6:45: Yeehaw! Grand Ole Opry Week is here. Ok, so we're not as excited as we were for Michael Jackson week, but tonight's show determines who makes the Top 10 and the American Idol national tour. Plus, "country" week is always .. uh, interesting, especially for the rockers. We'll be here all night, sharing our Idol expertise, or lack thereof.

7:12: T H I S S S S is American Idol. Are we doing the movie guy’s judge intro again? Why? So we’re a little disappointed none of the judges are wearing cowboy hats. Randy says this is always the tough week. Kara is wearing a silver jump suit. Paula.. actually looks nice, and Simon’s got on a …wait for it … wait for it… V-neck T-shirt (at least it’s grey this time). Randy Travis was this week’s celebrity mentor (he’s looking really bad). Michael Sarver’s first and he’s singing what we thought, Ain’t Goin Down.. CROSS YOUR FINGERS. Travis tells him to be careful not to lose the words. We find that we are holding our breath to see if he misses a word, but great start. Damn this is a fast paced song. Ok, Michael made us a believer, we were worried about the song, but great job. Too bad we couldn’t understand half the words, but we had fun watching it.

JUDGES: Randy, fun, but song choice didn’t show off voice. Kara: We got to see personality, but missed hearing the big notes. Paula: …is not making any sense. Still not. Something about a harmonica and the genre suiting him. Simon: Couldn’t understand a word Michael was singing (ok, we agree with this). Clumsy and sounded “Norwegian”?? Likable guy…Michael’s kinda sassy tonight will all the comebacks. Simon gave it a 1.2 on a scale to 10..yikes, it wasn’t that bad.

7:22: Alisson’s next. Three notes into it and we love it already… and now we’re getting bored. It was solid. But the audience loved it. JUDGES: Kara, loved it. Paula, (showing A LOT of cleavage). ..again, not making since, tells Allison to be “built”? Simon: Good but procosious (spelled right? Too many syllables for us). Simon translates: that means dope.

7:28 Kris is next. The teenage girls will love this, but it is boring the hell out of us. Sorry, fell asleep for a second. But we’re told it was beautiful. JUDGES: Paula, pleasantly surprised. Some pitchy notes. Simon thought it was terrific. Randy, loved the tender moments, calls him a “tender dawg” HA. Kara, “that’s opryland?”

7:40 And Lil Round is here.. she got a makeover. Ok, she definitely doesn’t look like a “Lil Rounds” now. Singing Independence Day, A little pitchy already. It sounds like she is TRYING to sing country and not just being herself (and she’s not a country singer). Ok, not sure what’s wrong with us, but everything’s boring us tonight (except Michael of course). JUDGES: Randy, struggled to like it, didn’t feel comfortable on her (good, it wasn’t just us). Kara not a fan of song, but liked that Lil standed her ground. Paula, who is obviously celebrating St. Patrick’s on her own, slurred through another. Simon didn’t like it, even a lil.

7:55: If we forget to post at the next commercial break, someone call and wake us up. Oh, Adam’s next, never mind. Doubt anyone could sleep through one of his performances. Singing Ring of Fire …an Indian, Middle Eastern version that left Randy Travis speechless and a little scared…ROFL. That was so freakin funny. Randy just thought the painted fingernails were the scary part. Well, it’s definitely original, not sure about the beginning, but there are some “interesting” moments near the end. Can’t wait to hear what the judges say. JUDGES: Kara called that country music??.. which country?. Says it was strange but loved the drama and smokey eyes (it’s called eye shadow). Paula loved the sitar-Kashmir-Led Zepplin sound.. uh huh. Simon ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT’.. HA. Randy said it was young and fresh.. but what does he know.

Randy Travis is still speechless.

8:08 Scott is singing with his piano, again. Randy Travis liked… the piano playing. We’re gonna take a nap. Has anyone else noticed his ‘vampire’ teeth… sorry, we were trying to find something interesting. He’s going home. JUDGES: Paula, you worked hard but piano is crutch. Simon says: Paula’s stupid, bad song choice and sounded too much like last week. Randy bored. Kara, ditto (not to be confused with ditz).

Here’s our ranking thus far: Allison, Kris and Michael (tied), Adam, Lil, Scott

8:15 Alexis (yea!) is next. She DOES look like Dolly Parton (not the chest but everything else). We never noticed before. She’s singing Jolene. Hmm.. not rolling our socks up and down. It has a few nice moments, but where’s the dirty?. JUDGES: Randy didn’t enjoy it. Kara felt she lost her edge (YES) and it was flat. Paula didn’t mind pitch problems?? Why not? Simon says it’s just ok, no originality, forgettable. Wait, who just sang?

8:25 Ok, Michael’s sitting in a pretty good position right now. They need to get rid of country week in the future. Danny Hokey.. we mean Gokey is next, singing Jesus Take the Wheel. He was star struck in front of Randy Travis and couldn’t sing..really. If only.. He’s wearing a white pimp jacket.. it’s more like a pimp cargo jacket. Or a pimp cargo polar expedition jacket. Not a fan of the beginning but he sounds great later. It feels like he’s trying way too hard. JUDGES: Kara loves him when hits stride, but first half of song not so good. Paula brilliant. Simon hates the jacket (HA). Randy, pitchy but great singer.

8:35 Anoop is up singing You are Always on My Mind. Randy Travis loves it. Let’s see if we agree. Chills here. WOW. More chills. Great performance, best of night for us. JUDGES: Paula “Anoop is back”, tender, sweet vocals. Simon: Anoop “went from zero to hero” (isn’t that a line from the Hercules movie?) His fave of night. Randy: proved you could sing. Kara: amazing, biggest surprise.

8:50 Megan Caw Caw is up next. Wow, another great makeover and she’s left the arm flails at home. We usually love her voice, but she sounds a little squawky tonight. OH, she’s sick (got the flu), that explains it. JUDGES: Simon, pretty good, really worked. Kara, perfect song and look. Paula tells us Megan’s been in hospital today and couldn’t make it to dress rehearsal. (great, now she’ll get the sympathy vote) Simon: You should have flu every week.

9:00 And finally, Matt G, singing another Carrie song. Is Paula smelling Simon’s arm??? Solid, no complaints. JUDGES: Kara, special. Paula, authentic, piercing hearts. Simon “you ARE a heart piercer” AWWWWWW. Out sang Danny. Randy: Favorite of night.

Our final ranking: Anoop, Allison, Matt, Kris, Danny, Michael, Megan, Adam, Alexis, Lil, Scott


  1. I thought Michael did great and if you couldnt hear the words then you werent listening very good. I will be voting for him thats for sure! Most of South East Texas and West Louisiana has and will be voting for him as long as he is still on the show....GO MICHAEL!

  2. Anoop really surprised me. He was fantastic.

  3. Michael's was the most enjoyable performance of the night.....what was that attempt by Adam and... Danny...what a mess tonight I could not believe the possitive reviews for Adam and Danny. That must tell us something

  4. here are my opinion on every performance:

    Michael: did great,looks great, song was fun but not the right one for him. I still voted like crazy (258 times).
    Lil : bad song choice.
    Allison: great song and great voice.
    Kris: nice arrangement on the song.
    Scott: It was ok. love the paula/simon fight
    Adam: IT WAS F****** WEIRD and VERY CREEPY!!
    Danny: he is still amazing
    Megan: she looks beautiful and the song was amazing.
    Alexis: it was great.
    Anoop: great comeback
    Matt: really amazing performance

  5. Michael did great, I voted for two solid hours, about every 4 sec. however many calls that makes.

    As far as Adam, I hate to say that I believe that someone is trying to push him forward, because I don't know how one judge even thought there was anything good about the disgusting, pathetic & sickening performance.

    I agree that must tell us something....

    At least Simon got it right, it was horrific... I don't know what I would have done if Simon would have liked it, I think I would have lost complete faith in the show and in his judgment.

    Come on lets get real and be honest judges.

  6. I thought Michael actually did good. I had a blast watching him and I have to say i found it sexy. Wow!

  7. I agree, I found myself, for the first time wishing he was single. Damn that was hot. And his smile gives me chills.

  8. This was the first night of watching now 8 seasons of American Idol that I thought the judges were very biased and were saying too many wonderful things about some performances that didn't warrant it at all. I have an overwhelming feeling that behind the scenes at AI they are trying to sway the American public in the way they want it to go, not according to how we vote. If people have been watching every night, they will have seen that Michael has been the only CONSISTENT contestant. He has my two hours of voting every Tuesday night. We are praying he makes that top ten. He deserves it.