Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it Michael Jackson week!

Fan forums are reporting that the theme of next week's show is Michael Jackson songs! If true, this bodes well for Sarver who's favorite artist just happens to be Mr. Jackson! The Top 13 received a list of songs today that they can choose from. Any chance Michael Jackson will be this week's celebrity mentor too? Seems unlikely to us, as it seems a little too public. But it would give Mr. Jackson the opportunity to push his new tour announced just days ago.

UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest confirmed this afternoon that it is indeed Michael Jackson week.

The themes of the two upcoming weeks, in an unknown order are Grand Ole Opry and Motown, both themes Michael should excel in.


  1. Here we go again, Michael was inspired by what Michael Jackson has brought to music. He did not,as far as I know say that he was his favorite artist.

  2. actually his favorite is Celene Dione

  3. According to the American Idol website, Michael told AI producers his favorite male artist was Michael Jackson and his favorite female artist was Celine Dion.