Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 9 perform

We really missed Michael tonight. Sorry, but we just don't enjoy watching the show as much now. Here’s how we ranked tonight’s contestants Kris, Adam, Allison, Danny, Michael, Scott, Lil, Matt, Anoop, Megan ... can't blame us for trying.


  1. NO, michael was the best tonight!!! *tear* =(

  2. I can tell you that what Michael brought to the show was so missed, I would have to say it did not have the same dynamic to it. We love you Michael, we miss you so much! There is just something awesomely special about you.

  3. Michael, I am one of your MANY Jasper fans. I said I would not watch the show again, but I couldn't help but watch and see how they did without you. It was not the same..... and you by far beat several of the contestants last night. What a shame!!! Their loss.

  4. That is so true, what Michael brought to the show was so missed last night. He went home way before his time. I wish they would do like Survivor or Biggest Loser and bring someone back and let it be Michael Sarver, he is the bomb.

  5. When some folks started making claims that the judges were biased and already knew who they wanted to win, I thought they were just upset about Michael leaving.
    Last night, though, the judges were way too nice to people who didn't deserve it.
    I heart Okey Gokey, but his rendition of What Hurts the Most was crap.
    Maybe it's best that Michael left and can go back to the church where he can inspire people with his faith and southern charm.
    It's gotta be better than in a rigged competition!

  6. Thanks for your comments Roxanne, I believe it is fixed too I see it more and more.

    Megan should not have even been in the top 36.

    Adam is too much drama and screaming.

    Anoop can only sing slow songs good.

    Matt he is okay, he did better last week.

    Kris really surprised me last night, he has been hiding, but will he do good next week?

    Lil well she can belt it out, but that is the problem too much belting it out. I think if she would have soften the song up last night it would have been better.

    Scott is only one dimensional in his singing, no wow factor.

    Allison she is cute and I think for her age, she is pretty good.

    Danny struggled a little last night, but I would agree with the judges that he touches peoples heart strings, and he sings great. He is getting my votes now that Michael is gone.

    But no matter what, Michael is only going forward from here.

    Great job Michael, we love you!!!