Friday, March 27, 2009

Michael's final hurrah

After weeks of love from the judges and fans, the roughneck is going home, just in time to celebrate his birthday Saturday with his family.

Motown night proved to be an unexpected stumbling block for Jasper's Michael Sarver, and, coming hard on the heels of Grand Ole Opry night, his crooning just wasn't enough to keep him safe. The 27-year-old sang "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," but it wasn't enough for the fans, apparently.

The judges weren't particularly happy either. The grace Sarver has received from Simon Cowell for most of the season was gone again this week as he told Sarver he had "no chance of winning" the competition.

Sarver was on the hot seats with Matt Girard and Scott McIntyre, but in the end, it was Jasper's own singing for his life. "I think they almost decided to keep him," said Jo Helen O'Gilbert, a member at Harvest Church, where Sarver has been a praise and worship leader.

Fellow church member Rosa Mijares agreed. "I thought that was not fair that Simon just blurted out he was going to make a decision and Michael was going home," Mijares said by phone.

"The good thing was, you looked at him, looked at his face, he was so secure and calm. We're so proud of him even though he didn't make No. 1." For the judges to save someone, the decision has to be unanimous. So, though Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardia looked to be pulling for him, Simon's dissent was enough to send Sarver home.

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  1. I am sorry everyone, but they were not even considering keep Michael, that was all drama for the show. It was a joke.

    It should have been Megan or Scott! Everyone needs to see American Idol for what it is, a fake.

    Michael is great, he sang great, he kept his integrity and is so kind. I love him and I hope he gets a record deal, because I would buy his records.

  2. If you spend any time looking at any of the other websites that blog other than this one, you will see that the general consensus of the people is Megan should have went home last night rather than Michael. A good many people also believe that Scott should have been another candidate to go before Michael. Last night they announced a record number of voters. I believe if the truth were known the increase in the number of votes was people voting for Michael because they heard the bad review on Wednesday night and knew he was in trouble. I honestly think the votes are how they justify keeping this show on the air, but when it gets down to it, if the judges don't like the results, they change them. If you go back and watch the whole show over on Wednesday night, it was very obvious who the judges targeted to leave the show. The only thing this show is good for is exposure. Michael has received plenty of exposure and I pray that a record label picks him up and he sails thru life as a success. He has too much talent to stay in Jasper, work on an oil rig, and sing on Sunday mornings. I think God's plan for his life is bigger than that.

  3. It is not about if Michael had the chance to win. I think Michael is very talented and has a great voice. I do not believe he would have won......but I do think he is a much better singer than Scott and Meagan. By the time they get to the top 10 they know exactly who they want to win the show and who they want to invest their money in. The rest is just for ratings.....they keep the ones that will cause the most contraversy (sp) that is what keeps viewers coming back. I can say without a doubt I will NOT watch the show anymore.

    I hope Michael goes on and has a very successful career!! That is all that matters anyway!!! And if he does get a record deal his fans can then support HIM not the show.

    Good Luck Michael and God Bless You and your Family!!!

  4. Amen, Amen, Amen

    We are so happy for Michael, great accomplishment!!!!

    We love you :o)

  5. I think they should have save him. Can they not hear the people shouting like crazy to save him. We didn't hear thats on the other three. Idol just want good tv and i think that its rude that the judge don't even listen while he sing before the make a decision. I still love you michael and can't wait to hear you sing again

  6. Michael, you did an awesome job each week;
    God is watching over you and he is proud. You
    made him smile and all your fellow Texas fans
    smile too. Best of wishes to you in your future. I have a gut feeling that someone like Tracey Byrd, Mark Chestnutt, or Clay
    Walker will be having you open for them in a
    concert in the future. Last night, even though you knew it may be your time to go, you had a calm and peace about you, all because you are a believer and you know God has a plan for you and your good works!! Great Job and Great Representation !!