Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DialIdol predicts ...

Spoiler alert: DialIdol is usually correct. Click Read More below if you want to know the results of last night's vote.

Michael is safe! DialIdol, which measures often each contestant's phone line was busy last night to calculate how many votes they got, puts Michael with the 7th most votes (the margin of error puts him anywhere from 4th place to 10th). Here's the ranking: 1. Danny 2. Anoop 3. Lil 4. Matt 5. Kris 6. Adam 7. Michael 8. Scott 9. Megan 10. Allison 11. Alexis. Either Megan, Allison or Alexis is predicted to go home tonight (only one is eliminated today). We think there's a good chance the judges would use their "save" on any of these girls.


  1. I'm starting to fall out of love with Alexis. She over-sings most of her songs and is way too serious. Boo.

  2. I don't think they would use a save on Megan and I am not sure they would use a save this soon, that would surprise me.

  3. If they use the save tonight then wouldn't that mean they could bring the Top 11 on tour, because next week 10 and 11 would have to go and they would never have the tour with only the top 9.

  4. OHHHHH, good call Anonymous4:52! I hadn't thought of that.

  5. Yes he made it, so which is it, is the show fixed, manipulated by the judges, media and producers or is the dial idol way off?

    What does everyone else think?

    I think it is fixed & manipulated by the judges, media and the producers. It is plain to me.

    I am sorry I have to say what I feel.

    So what is the verdict, dial idol or a fixed show? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............