Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Michael survives! .. barely

7:55 Here we go again. :) Good luck Pork Chop!

8:10 Ryan says the results tonight may shock us – FINALLY, maybe we won’t fall asleep this week. Oh.. this is American idol. (almost forgot that). Ryan hints that the judges save could be used tonight (but he’ll say that every week). And now a reminder of how boring last night was. And now the group number! AH, they put Scott at the piano…lol. How come Michael and Danny are always standing together in the group numbers? Ok, this song is horrible. Hasn’t anyone heard of “harmony”.. surely a group this talented can sing more than one note. Sorry, but Scott needs to leave. We miss our cheesy Disney Channel choreography.

8:18 And now the Ford music video.. maybe we’ll actually get to see it this week (thanks Fox). And it’s a water balloon fight ..around a car. (yawn). And now we get to relive last week’s elimination.. can we get some results already? Some heartwarming video of last week’s “afterparty” is played.. with LOTS of snapshots of Michael and the fam! Michael tells Ryan (looks like he’s going to cry) that his daughter misses him. Ok, Michael just won a lot of fans with that!!!!!!! OK, results time. Those that advance make it into the national tour: Hokey, safe. Lil Rounds, safe. Anoop, safe. Allison and Michael up next! Michael looks NERVOUS! Allison’s in the bottom 3!.. and what about Michael? He’s in the BOTTOM THREE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Ok, we are freaking out .. so nervous for Michael right now. When they gave Michael a chance to speak to his daughter earlier we suspected that he would be in the bottom three. But he’ll pull through .. just wait.

8:32 Our first musical number of the night. Tame compared to Kanye West last week. What is up with these country folks? first Randy Travis, now this guy (no, we don’t know his name).. both put us to sleep. We feel like all the energy is being sucked outta the room. Kanye West’s hand towel was more entertaining. (ok, so maybe we’re just depressed about Michael)

8:40 We’re back. Allison and Michael looking dour on the silver seats of sadness. More results: Scott is safe. Megan, safe. Matt (does the mole in the middle of his head bother anyone else), safe. Kris, safe. Alexis and Adam up last. Randy called Alexis “Allison”..HA, all those rocker girls look the same. Alexis is in bottom. And now Alexis, Allison and Michael are bottom three and.....ALLISON is safe. The bottom two are Michael and Alexis.. YIKES. Ok fans, if Michael survives tonight you better WORK those dialing fingers next week.

8:52 Of course we’re going to have to wait a bit for the results. Carrie Underwood’s up! (She kinda looks like Megan here (sans tattoos of course). Singing a duet with Randy Travis. Carrie sounds great. Randy was just background music. And now back to Alexis and Michael.. Simon says the judges would consider saving one of them.

8:55 The moment of truth.. will Michael make it into the Top 10 and get to go on the Idol national tour. DialIdol this morning predicted Alexis got the least number of votes, but they’ve been wrong before and WE ARE NERVOUS. Just breathe. Here we go. Michael is SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:00 Alexis gets one last song to convince the judges to save her. If they save her it won’t be because of this song… yikes, out of tune and bad. That said we do love her, usually, but not now. And it’s a no. Alexis is going home.



  2. Yes he made it, so which is it, is the show fixed, manipulated by the judges, media and producers or is the dial idol way off?

    What does everyone else think?

    I think it is fixed & manipulated by the judges, media and the producers. It is plain to me.

    I am sorry I have to say what I feel.

  3. P. S. Oh I knew Michael would make it too.

  4. WOOOO! I was sooo scared! but i am very happy he stayed!!! =D

  5. Yeah Go Michael that was a scary one, but I know you have it, just keep bringing it every week. I am proud of you. A friend from Florida says congrats also.

  6. wow!! that was a shocker!!! I can't believe alexis is gone, but glad michael is not. Good luck next week

  7. I know without a doubt its fixed and I know Michael wasn't in the bottom three. I think that was all drama. No, I know that was all drama.
    I also know that he didn't win the state of Texas and I hope he's not ashamed of us now. I know I am. Oh, and mister blogger man please stop posting negative because I heard Michael stopped coming to the site because of it. Which means he doesn't get our messages anymore. Please!

  8. When Michael was called safe, I yelled "YES!!!" My husband looked like I was psycho. Oh well, what else is new?

  9. If you want to give Michael support you can go to his fan page on my space, he reads that.

  10. The Ford Commerical is BAD TO THE BONE!!! Very well done.....