Saturday, March 7, 2009

Double elimination and surprise twist coming

According to interviews with Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul, two contestants will be eliminated this week. We'll go from a Top 13 to 11. Pick who you think will be voted off in our poll to the right.

Also, American Idol producers say that last week's surprise 13 WASN'T the big twist they promised for the Top 12. Idol producer Ken Warwick tells USA Today "There is a big surprise coming. You’ll never guess what it is, but it’s something that rears its head every season and it’s huge.” ..sounds like he's describing Simon's ego.

Read more on the surprise twist here.


  1. Michael's going to rock it this week and surprise everyone.

  2. Well if the surprise is for the Top 12, then I guess they are not making 2 go home 3/10. We will see.