Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegas oddsmakers on losing end

For all you who were upset with Las Vegas oddsmakers who consistently put Michael as the underdog: Wagering on the show has been suspended because of the new "judges save" rule introduced last week:

“We were forced to suspend betting on American Idol in order to protect both the betting public…and ourselves,” says T.J. Kendrick, BetOnline.com spokesperson. One concern, says Kendrick, is the possibility of the entertainment industry version of “insider trading” - industry insiders placing bets on a contestant and later lobbying contacts within the show to have them remain, even if the public votes them off - via a judges’ veto. While Kendrick says BetOnline.com has not yet been the victim of this sort of insider trading, some competitors have. “A few years ago, several betting sites were forced to suspend wagering on Survivor and other reality series due to strong suspicions of insider trading,” Kendrick said.

We're liking the "judges save" more and more each day :)

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  1. What does Vegas know, not much so far