Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebration party

The Top 13 were given the blue (and here we though red was what counted) carpet treatment last night. The finalists were whisked off to a West Hollywood night club last night were they celebrated before the real beatdown begins next week. Here's some pics:

Here's what the LA Times had to say about Michael at last night's party: "Michael Sarver had a top-of-the-head easy answer for "Who is your inspiration during the competition?" Without missing a beat, the married father of two replied "My wife and kids", adding "that's an easy one". Although he's a Texan, Michael's singing style is decidedly not country. He's "R&B-Soul-Pop" and hopes to perform some more R&B throughout Season 8. He says his life has already changed a lot, and he realizes his schedule is about to get really crazy."

From Entertainment Weekly's interview: "Making the top 13 is incredible," Michael Sarver tells ET. "Number one the top 13, it's history -- it's never been done before. I think the incredible thing about that is the one person who always slips through the cracks didn't slip through tonight."

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  1. Great pics, good looking, his wife is lucky!!!