Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Top 10 Performance

6:52 - Awww yeah Southeast Texas! It's almost time for our LIVE BLOG EVENT! Tonight the "Idolaters" are singing songs from Motown. We think Micheal should do well - the boy's got some soul, after all. Adam...let's just say we're curious about the spectacle he turns out.

7:00 - Seacrest being a massive tool. Seriously. We can't wait until he falls down the stairs. Simon says the singers have to make the songs original. Let's see how they do...!

7:05 - Or...we can pause for a Motown Montage. Time for a ROAD TRIP TO DETROIT!

7:08 - Let's just get this out of the way...Smokey Robinson is a legend. But what's the deal with his eyes? Is he part Lynx?

7:09 - Matt Giraud starts if off with "Let's Get it On" BIG song choice for him. He slows it down at first with the piano - good choice. Than he brings it home with the mike at center stage all while wearing Mr. Rogers' sweater.
JUDGES - Randy dug it. Kara liked the piano and than when he stood up. Paula thought he was classy and spot on. Simon thought he cemented his frontrunner status.

7:14 - Kris Allen is up next. He's also going with Marvin Gaye and "How Sweet it Is." Let's see if he's got the soul for this performance...he does a fine job, but our thing with him is that when he sings, he kind of looks like a toddler trying to form words for the first time...just saying.
JUDGES - Kara says he did everything right. Paula is proud of him. Simon thinks he needs some more confidence. Randy thinks he hit his zone.

7:30 - Next up is Scott McIntyre...singing "You Can't Hurry Love" pink pants. OK we're not so in favor of this version starring Happy Peppy Scott McIntyre and the Crazy Giddy Peppettes.
JUDGES - Paula thought the backup singers brought something different. Simon thinks he's better than that performance. Randy thought it was average. Kara thought the execution was imperfect. Than Paula gave Simon colors and a coloring book...?

We just decided to make this a drinking game. Clearly the judges have.

7:42 - Here's Megan Joy singing "For Once in My Life"...and, sure this song might have actually been in a Carnival Cruise line commercial once...but she didn't need to interpret that literally. She sounds like the afternoon entertainment on the Lido Deck.
JUDGES - Randy thought it was a train wreck. Kara thought it was all over the place. Paula thinks she's stunning, but agrees. Simon thought it was horrible.

7:50 - Next up is Anoop Desai...and he'll sing "Ooo Baby Baby."

(PAUSE - OK...seriously, Smokey's eyes are CRAZY, right?)

Back to Anoop...He sounds really good...yet he's dressed like a Math-lete.
JUDGES - Kara thought it was pretty good. Paula wants to see more confidence. Simon liked it, but wanted more showmanship. Randy liked his lil' "Anoop Dawg."

ONE HOUR WRAP-UP: So far, we think they break down like this: Matt, Kris, Anoop, Scott, and Megan. BRING IT ON PORK CHOP!

8:05 - Here's Mr. Chop himself...he sings "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"...and it's solid! His vocals are good. He sounds a bit out of breath, but we'll chalk that up to nervousness. This, Pork Chop, was WELL DONE!
JUDGES - Paula didn't think he dominated enough. Simon doesn't think he can win with performances like that. Randy thought he made it too corny. Kara didn't think he showed who he was as an "artist."

8:17 - Lil Rounds is next...she sings "Heat Wave." Actually she belts it out. She goes low in a couple points, which is original, but mostly she just owns the song.
JUDGES - Randy didn't think it was her best. Kara thought she should have nailed it more. Paula disagrees and also thought she owned it. Simon thought she should have chosen a different song.

8:31 - Adam Lambert is next and...umm...he looks interesting - more 1950's and less vampire. Sort of liked he's double booked for a sock hop-themed DVD release party for "Twilight." He's singing "Tracks of My Tears." Great song. Great arrangement. And he sings it really, really well. We'd have to say it's the best of the night.
JUDGES - Kara thought it he showed artistry. Paula thought it was exciting! Simon thought it was the best of the night. Randy dug that he showed his range.

8:40 - Danny Gokey is next to sing...and he's going with "Get Ready." His voice sounds great and he works the song in his favor. But his movements are a bit's his eyesight?
JUDGES - Paula thought it was first-class. Simon didn't love it. Randy was feeling the energy. Kara thought good, not great.

8:50: - Last one to go is Allison Iraheta singing "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Perfect song choice for her gravelly, soulful voice. She's up there with Adam as the best of the night.
JUDGES - Randy thought it was blazing hot. Kara thought it was amazing. Paula thought she was awesome. Simon thought it was one of her best performances.

That's all folks! Lines are open for the next couple hours. So CALL AND VOTE! Based on the judges comments, here's how we see them stacking up: Adam, Allison, Matt, Kris, Anoop, Lil, Danny, Scott, Michael, and Megan.

Thanks for watching with us...ENTERPRISE OUT!


  1. I love, love, love your live blog!! I have it up and running every week, but I have to ask, did the drinking start before the show did tonight? lol

  2. RE: o2bme

    Unfortunately no...but we wish we had. ;-)

  3. I thought Michael was much better than the judges said.. It seems like the judges had decided before the song even started that they were going to give M a bad critique.

  4. yeah I'm having a hard time with the judges' comments too. in all honesty they were wrong.. and i usually agree with them.

  5. I thought you did great tonight. Much better than Matt. I don't get these judges, I really think they try to influence the voter by the comments they make. I totally disagree with the judges. You were GREAT.

  6. We thought he did better than the judges said too...but he does seem to be struggling to find his

  7. I think Michael needs some help with song choice. I don't know if they have people helping with this or not, but the band is killing him with these fast songs.

  8. Yes I asked that question myself, what really goes on behind the scenes? Who really picks the songs?

    The judges were real wrong, out of the ball park wrong.

    Their minds are already made up and they know how to play the voters (if the votes really count), they have been doing this for what 8 years now.

  9. He has a name and it is not Pork Chop. No it was not nerves, he is still overcoming the flu and bronchitis.

  10. After Michael sang, I thought he did great! Then after the judges comments, I was certain that the judges would have said he was horrible no matter how good he did. They do not think he's right for this competition, and they will say whatever to get him off the show. I truly believe that. And, Michael....stop with the fast songs. You REALLY shine with the slow songs. Make it more about your voice and less about your moves. I do think you need a niche...I'm kinda confused what kind of artist you are also. Anyway, just constructive criticism. SO before any of his friends and family get mad, please know that is is "constructive" and is meant to be mean. Anyway, hopefully he'll make it another week.