Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Michael's church cheers

Friends and family of Jasper's Michael Sarver gathered at Harvest Church on Wednesday to watch him sing on "American Idol."After he hit the bottom three last week, Sarver needed a big comeback to stay in the competition, and those watching from his hometown think he got it. But the judges had fewer assurances.

"I think Michael did a good job," said Jo Helen O'Gilbert, a fellow church member from Jasper. "This week, the judges, I think they were a little bit harsh on everybody.

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  1. The real true dynamics of the show are kicking in high gear. The judges our full of it and playing their Hollywood part. They know who they want and need to get rid of any competition, so they are playing the American voters and some of the media helps with untrue, crazy, off the wall comments like the judges last night. Michael did good, but since America did not send him home last week, the judges had to get harsher, to push him out, because he is true competition.

    I don't like it and I think it is wrong, but the show will go on as the judges and producers have it planned, no matter what they have to say or do. Nobody who's dreams they choose to use and abuse.

    The show still went on in my house also, and we voted 2 hours because we believe in Michael.

  2. I don't even know Michael personally, but I can see where this is true and maybe Dial Idol gets it right because they are owned by American Idol

    I think that Michael did great and the judges got it wrong.

    Even if Michael goes home this week I believe they got it wrong.

    We love you Michael!!!!