Thursday, March 5, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Wildcard round

7:00 Here we go! Tatiana already looks like she’s going to cry.. and what’s up with her outfit? Can we say bling.

7:08 Only three silver seats of safety left. Jesse’s first: She lets us know she’s very grateful to be here.. yeah, we’d think so. Someone should tell her the mic stand isn’t a stripper pole. We don’t really know what to say about her performance. It was decent, yet awkard. JUDGES: Interesting song choice. Interesting notes. Kara gives props to the stripper dance.. wants to borrow some moves. Paula said a four syllable word. Simon says performance was indulgent.. is that his new favorite word this season. He told Von that in Hollywood.

7:12 Matt’s next: Singing some Jackson 5. He wore Von’s hat! Great start. This is a much better song choice for him…blues, soulful. We’re loving it. He got a little crazy on the rifts, but great. JUDGES: Great. Overtop. Lots of rifts. Perfect song. Soulful (See we SHOULD be judges). Simon says: Hate the outfit. Someone hit him.

7:18 Megan’s up! And the hip sway is back .. oh, and she’s added an arm flail. We really love her voice. Great! Some iffy notes. Somebody PLEASE teach her some dance moves. She should sail into the finals. JUDGES: Simon has a crush on her, things she’s current, original, quirky (yes, yes, yes). Not the best vocal but great song choice and performance. Kara “we need you” because you are unique.. HELLO, we’ve been saying that.

7:23 Von (sans hat) is next: Shaky start. We’ve never really noticed, but he kinda sings with a strange accent. First part reminded us of a teenage boy singing soprano before his voice changes. Second half of song was pretty solid. JUDGES: Boring. Too serious. Ordinary. Randy: First part of the song was pitchy (hello). Kara: Great vocal ability but bad song choice. Disappointing. Paula’s been “studying him.” Run Von Run!

7:27 OK midway point, 1. Matt, 2. Megan, 7. Von, 8. Jesse

7:32 Jasmine’s up: Singing some Mulan, we love this song. Hmm.. out of tune. She’s not going to make it through singing like this. Sounds like she’s oversinging ..and through her nose. We did like the last two seconds of the song. JUDGES: Improved. Bad song choice. Out of tune. Kara’s confused. Paula: you’re determined.. what the hell does that mean. Simon says: Hate Paula’s outfit. Ok, Simon liked her? You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.

And here’s Ricky: And Paula’s up dancing. We want what she’s on. WOW, Ricky sounds great! His last performance wasn’t a fluke. GREAT. Standing ovation. JUDGES: Sang your butt off. Simon says: Good chops. Paula: You nailed it. Now Simon says he was clumsy. Make your mind up Simon. And now Simon and Randy say they were’nt crazy about it. What? Ok, it sounds like the judges already know who they want in the finals and they’re tailoring their comments to match that.

7:45 TATIANA’s up. And she loves everyone. “I’m ready to sing for you America. Thank you so much” Where’d that accent come from. HA. She’s better when she’s singing the high notes. Didn’t she sing this before? The verses are a little shaky. Ok, no one can deny she can sing. JUDGES: Paula’s confused.. again. Simon: Can you sing any other songs? Ok, Simon really doesn’t like her. Now Kara’s confused.

7:47 Ryan sticks foot in mouth.

7:50: Anoop Dawg in da house: ROFL.. Anoop singing “I’m nasty” is HI LAR I OUS. Someone needs to tell him he’s not sexy. We swear he’s about to makeout with the mic. Wait haven’t we heard him sing this song before too. How much you want to bet Simon doesn’t give him a hard time about it like Tatiana. JUDGES: Simon calls him an enthusiastic dog. Hmm. Not great performance, but Simon basically tells him he’ll get through for his personality. Paula: Anoop’s nasty. (this is one time we wish we didn’t agree with her).

7:55: Ok, here’s our order: Ricky, Matt, Megan, Anoop, Jasmine, Tatiana, Von, Jesse. But we can guarantee this won’t be the order the judges pick em because as they said, we’re “casting” the final spots (translation: not judging the singing.)

8:00 Decision time: Jasmine’s in. Ricky’s out ..WHAT?!?! ROBBED!!. Megan’s in and Tatiana’s out… and here come the tears. Tatiana is bowing in front of the judges crying.. seriously. (we wipe a tear from our own eye)

8:05 One spot left on the silver stools of safety. Jesse out. Von out. Matt’s IN!!! And Anoop’s in too!! A Top 13… so that’s the twist. Kind of anti-climatic eh? Oh well, next time we’re here, Michael’s singing! See you then. Enterprise out.


  1. It really turned out to be a very predictable round didn't it. Even the "twist" was predicted. BORING.

  2. Hey does anyone else think the media has their favorites, I notice in a lot of articles I read about the top contestants, Michael's name is last. But of course, we else would you expect out of the media. Knock them out of the ball park Michael. You are great and we love you. You have our votes.