Friday, March 13, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel nicknames Michael

On Wednesday night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Jimmy gave the ‘American Idol’ kids nicknames. Kris Allen is “That White Guy”, Adam Lambert is “Joan Jett”, Anoop Desai is “Anoop”, Lil Rounds is “Lil Rounds”, Scott MacIntyre is “The Blind Guy”, Megan Joy is “Tattooine”, Alexis Grace is “The Parakeet”, Danny Gokey is “Okey-Gokey”, Michael Sarver is “Pork Chop”, Matt Giraud is “Justin Timberfake”, and Allison Iraheta is “Kool-Aid Head”. Watch the comedy clip below.


  1. Pork Chop? Guessin that's a jab at your weight?! Hellllooooo....meatloaf sold hella albums. Whasup with the haterade parade? Anyway, didn't I coin the phrase okey-gokey like a month ago. I know you don't let this stuff bother you...sing pretty!