Wednesday, March 11, 2009

David Archuleta is "way too busy"

So last season "Idol" runner up David Archuleta - shown left in at an ultra-recent "concert" in a Utah club called "church" - is performing tonight at Scout Bar on Crockett Street. Since that's one block from our office, and his tour bus is idling out in front, we decided to trot over and try to interview him.

"Ha! HA!" said the shoeless sleep deprived tour manager who answered his tour bus door.

Actually, he didn't say that, and was quite polite, but did say that David was "way too busy" and they had "so much going on right then."

Really? "Way too busy?"

Let's be honest...he's an 18 year-old Mormon kid on a national tour. While, he's not snorting lines of blow off a glass mirror, he's probably resting up for his show, or kicking it playing Wii. Which is fine, because that's normal.

If he doesn't want to talk with the press, that's no biggie. We are the press, and sometimes we don't want to talk to us. But come on - and this goes out to tour managers everywhere - just tell us the truth. WE'RE FINE WITH IT!


  1. Here's your little 18-year-old Mormon boy. After you see this, you might understand why he might be resting - especially his voice. I guess you really didn't actually buy a ticket and go to the concert?

  2. PS: Can you possibly find a picture of David that is recent? Do we have to look at Brittany Spears pictures from Star Search? No, so why David?

  3. Man, you guys get pretty nasty when you don't get your own way. Seems easy enough to say "Oh, Ok". Well here, would you give him my card. We would like to talk with him before he leaves the area if possible. I'm sure, knowing David, you would get a response. But because of your response, I'm glad they didn't give you an interview. David is a kind, gracious, giving individual. You should try to be the same. Sounds like to much to ask for in your case.!!!!!

  4. Michael Sarver says his religion is very
    important to him and he's very active in
    his church. Why would a blogsite devoted to
    Michael make fun of David Archuleta's
    religion? I'm sure David is proud of singing
    in his church at age 12-the photo you chose
    to print. I'm sure if you had presented
    your "Press" credentials to the venue David
    would have made every effort to talk to you.

  5. I think that people are missing the humor that was put into this. I could be wrong, but I don't think this article was meant to be taken seriously. I think it was just kinda written in jest. I think we all agree that David is an amazing singer who has a deep faith and is a kind individual.