Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Elimination night

8:08 THISSSSSSSSSSSS … is American Idol (ok, so Ryan doesn’t have a lisp, but it would be funny eh?) 33 million votes came in last night. .0000000000000001% of those were ours! .. Paula left her bird at home today. And the twist, to stop an uproar if the wrong contestant leaves too early… "the judges save”.. aka the veto. As reported, they can save one contestant from being eliminated during the season. We’re seeing the contestant’s new diggs for the first time .. very judges “mansion”esque.. without Simon in a red velvet chair that is.

Time for the group number.. starting with some bad dance moves from Jorge and Kris. Ok, watch Scott try to keep up with the moves. We know we shouldn’t laugh, but it is HI LAR I OUS. (Thank God for TIVO..we can’t wait to watch this back and devote our whole attention to Scott).. WAIT.. did Danny just do pelvic thrusts?? NOOOOOOOO. We won’t sleep tonight. Overall, a decent performance. Michael had some great parts in it, including some amazing rifts there at the end.

8:15 Time for last night’s recap: Paula still looks drunk. And now some results finally. Maybe. Ryan and Michael have a nice little chat.. (go Michael with the extra TV time) Michael says “Working is the word” and that he’s struggling with dance moves. He also got to make his first music video. WAIT, our TV cut to a Market Basket commercial before the Ford music commercial.. what happened? Damn TV station..

8:25 MICHAEL’S first .. and the TV cut out again (this time to a Jack in the Box commercial? COULD THIS COME AT A WORSE TIME).. $%&^#@$ FOX! .. wait, it’s back on AND he’s in!! Allison’s next.. and she’s also safe! Thank God! And Matt’s safe. Kris and Megan are up next. Kris is safe. Megan’s in the bottom with Jasmine. And the first person going home is Jasmine! We knew it! They should have left her in the wildcard. Megan’s singing “I’ll Be There”.. but she doesn’t mean on Idol. And we’ve got our first tears of the night. As if it isn’t bad enough for Seacrest to tell contestants they are out.. they then have to wait for the judges to tell them they won’t save them. It’s double the pain and humiliation.. we love it.

8:35 And Kanye West’s up. What’s up with the hand towel sticking out of his back pocket? And did anyone see the shoulder pads on that backup singer? Ok, we can’t stop staring at the hand towel.. what is it? We keep waiting for him to wipe something.. anything. But no.

8:45 More results: Scott’s first and he’s safe. “Naughty” Alexis safe. Danny Gokey safe. Anoop “beats it” to the hot seat.. (of course he’ll be joined by Jorge soon). Adam is safe. Jorge KNOWS he’s going home… just look at that face. But first, Lil’s safe. And the person going home.. will be revealed after the break. (but we’ll have to wait two breaks)

8:50 Kelly Clarkson’s up! Cue awkward banter between Kelly and Ryan. Kelly’s singing “My life would suck without you” Ryan sings along to Simon. (and backstage, Kanye sings to his hand towel)

9:00 Wow they’ve crammed a lot into this hour. It seems like the results were an afterthought. Speaking of, we’re back to Anoop (who should go) and Jorge (who will go). Anoop is safe. Adios Jorge. And now we have to hear him sing that awful song again (ok, it’s a little better than we remember). And now time for the second rejection from the judges.. and it’s a no. Ouch, this double rejection hurts ☺ Well, another week down and 11 left. If (we mean “when”) Michael makes it into the Top 10, he’ll get a spot in the national Idol tour. So rest your dialing fingers and watch again next week. –Enterprise out.


  1. Am I the only one you thought that Kelly looked a little chubby last night?
    And PS - the FOX folks are idiots for cutting out not once but twice! And the second time was right as we're finding out if the LOCAL guy will stay or go. They are idiots I tell you!!!!

  2. It's great to hear that we weren't the only ones with the TV cutting out. It's got to be the local Fox affliate that's responsible for the mistake.

  3. Still cracking up thinking about Kanye singing to his hand towel. Ha!