Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oddsmakers say Michael underdog

Las Vegas oddsmakers (who can't understand Michael's appeal) released the winning odds (yes people place money on this stuff) for the Top 13. Adam is considered the favorite (2/1 odds) with Michael in last with 50/1 odds of winning. Personally, we like the place of underdog (or as Randy might say.. underDAWG). It's harder to impress viewers when you're the favorite. If Michael gives a great performance, he'll blow America away.

Adam Lambert 2/1
Danny Gokey 3/1
Lil Rounds 9/2
Allison Iraheta 15/2
Scott MacIntyre 10/1
Matt Giraud 12/1
Alexis Grace 12/1
Anoop Desai 15/1
Megan Corkrey 15/1
Jorge Nunez 25/1
Kris Allen 30/1
Jasmine Murray 30/1
Michael Sarver 50/1


  1. Well we don't put our faith in the Las Vegas odd makers, we put our faith in what we know that Michael can and will do.

  2. Sounds like Michael should take that as a personal challenge to PROVE THEM WRONG! And isn't it always kinda fun to go for the under"dawg"?

  3. Knowing Michael, he will take it as a challenge and watch out when he does. Way to go Michael, you have done a great job, keep it up, we love you and support you.

  4. Unbeknowing to some, Michael is already Jasper's and America's Idol. Yes, the title itself is left to voters as for as reality TV, but the true idol is within Michael's heart. His humbly sincere spirit has overwhelmed the nation as a whole. He possess genuine heartfelt compassion and determination and it radiates over all who are listening to him or around him. Simon Cowell has stated more than once that although he didn't feel that Michael's vocals were to his (Simon's) standards, there is just "something" about him & that "something" is God's favor. I am so very proud to be from Jasper and so pleasured to be one of Michael's biggest fans! signed...Tenika Boatner Brooks, Jasper, Texas

  5. Amen Tenika I could not have said it better myself. Another fan of Michael's. Way to go man!!!