Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LIVE BLOG - Top 13 performance

6:45 It’s almost show time! And we thought we were excited about the wildcard round. It’s been three weeks since we last heard Michael sing. We’re hoping he’ll come out swinging! Tonight we should finally get a feel for who’s really the favorites and underdogs. Can’t wait.

7:15 Here we go! THISSSSSSS (…….very long dramatic pause……) is American Idol! Ok, what’s up with the dramatic judge’s entrance.. is that the “movie guy” announcing them? Kinda creepy. The new stage reminds us of a bad acid trip.. and Paula’s wearing a bird in it. Did she think tonight’s theme was Bjork? Simon tells us two people are being eliminated tomorrow (as we reported last week) and the theme is Michael Jackson music (also, old news). Maybe we should be a producer as well as a judge.

Lil’s first: Singing The Way you make me feel, She sounds a little like Fantasia here. Did Paula pick out her outfit? It’s okay so far, but not really wowed yet. The second half was better, but solid all the way a Lil round. (ha). Tiffany and Michael’s mom are sitting right behind the judges! JUDGES: Love her. Kara wants to hear her on radio. Paula loves Lil’s outfit.. we told you they match.. but not in a good way. Simon’s disappointed.. lazy song choice, second half better and he hates what she’s wearing (WAIT, Simon’s reading our blog?? Cool.)

7:25 Scott’s next: He was a really cute kid. What happened? Singing Keep the Faith: (sorry, but we don’t know this song) Scott’s finally gotten behind a piano. He sounds great! We were worried about him after last week’s performance, but he rocked it tonight.. should definitely advance. Standing ovation. JUDGES: Kara loves him with piano. Confirms that it’s sorta unknown Michael Jackson song. Paula said “it’s great to see your instrument at your fingertips” ROFL. Simon hated song, performance underwhelming. Paula said it was biggest selling record in NORWAY?? What? Who cares. Randy says old fashioned.. wants to see more sparks. (by the look of Scott’s hair, he’s seen a few sparks already) Danny and Michael coming up next!

7:35 Danny Gokey’s up. Singing DYT. Off to a great start. In a few spots it feels like he’s yelling at us. WOW. Great job. Is he really a music minister?? JUDGES: Paula predicts he’ll be in the final. Simon: vocal brillant, one heck (he said heck?) of a singer, but the dancing was hideous. Randy loved it all..including the dancing. Let’s hope Micheal’s got his moves together this week.

MICHAEL’S UP: And we’re in Jasper. His daughter is so cute. Michael needs to bring the blue oil rig suits to the stage! Singing You are Not alone: Sounds great so far, but the weird faces are creeping in. He’s making the song his own. He’s really into the performance .. very committed. Great last note! This was by far his best performance. JUDGES: Simon says he’s not the best singer, but has great passion, heart, gave 100%. Randy says one of best tonight. Kara: You really can sing! Paula said he sounded really lovely tonight!

7:50 Jasmine’s here. Singing I’ll Be There. She looks great .. and she sounds great. Where’d this come from? All the contestants are bringing it tonight. JUDGES: Randy impressed. Kara’s surprised, has great stage presence. Paula “you have composure and poise” and what does that have to do with singing? Simon says, good attempt, called her robotic and little girl…uh, ok.

8:05 Kris Allen’s next: Sorry girl’s, he’s married. He may have just lost his teenage girl fan base. Can you hear the sobs? He looks like he’s playing a guitar, but we can’t hear it. He should have left it behind. We’re not sure what to think of the performance. It was entertaining. JUDGES: Kara says the girls love Kris. Paula’s drunk again. Simon’s trying to feel her up again. Yawn. She does manage to tell him he’s sexy (Kris, not Simon).. awkward moment. Simon says Kris shouldn’t have brought the wife out so early!!! HA, we thought the same thing. Randy loved the guitar.

8:05 Allison’s next: And she’s singing in a furniture store? With a stage? She’s definitely a good performer. Where is that personality when she isn’t singing? We’re loving the rocker vibe. Great, original performance. There’s no way she’s 16.. amazing. JUDGES: Paula, you look like a rock star up there (we agree) and her hair looks great. Simon enjoyed it. Randy says she’s the one to watch (we agree). Kara “great job”

How we rank them so far Allison, Danny, Michael, Scott, Lil, Jasmine, Kris

8:15 Anoop’s next. He DID get a makeover. But they didn’t tweeze the eyebrows?!?! Singing Beat It. This should be interesting. Solid performance, but it felt weird seeing him sing it though. We mean Anoop and Beat it?? Really? At least he wasn’t making love to the microphone this time. JUDGES: Paula thought he shouldn’t have tried song. Simon hated it, said it looked “stupid” Randy and Kara also disappointed. Simon says he regrets bringing Anoop back.. ouch.

8:25 Jorge singing Never Gonna Say Goodbye. Shaky start, not sure we like the song choice. Not memorable.. kinda corny. Singing was decent but there’s something about Jorge that creeps us out. We think it’s the eyebrows..he looks like a comicbook villain. JUDGES: Randy, bad song choice, pitchy. Kara, missing emotional connection. Paula, you weren’t yourself. Simon, said it was CORNY.. he can at least give us credit for his comments.

8:40 Megan’s up: She found a song she can swing her hips and flap her arms to. We didn’t know this was a Michael Jackson song. Did she just say “caw caw” We love her voice but this song didn’t really show it off and the awkwardness is still there. That said, it was entertaining. JUDGES: Girls: quirky. Simon: “What a STUPID song choice”

8:45 Adam.. can’t wait to hear what he’s singing.. Black and White. Here come the theatrics. Is it just us or do all of his songs sound the same? AMAZING vocals, but over the top.. then again it is Michael Jackson. JUDGES: Paula: Best stage presence off all seasons and will see in finals. Simon: In a league all your own. Randy: Loved it. Kara hopes Michael Jackson is watching tonight .. and so does Ryan.

Ryan’s a tool.

8:55 Matt G. Bored. We prefer when he’s not behind the piano. Those high notes were scary. We didn’t care for it. JUDGES: Kara liked it. Paula said he was sexy. (run away). Simon and Randy said it was solid. We didn’t see it.

9:00 Alexis gets the pimp spot (and the random 13th phone number). Shaky start, but she looks like a star, great performance. It’s hard to hear her voice in this song. JUDGES: Kara “you’re a naughty girl and I like it”.. uh, ok. Simon and Randy: Not as good as you think it is. But great attitude (that would be the naughty part)

Ryan says the big twist we’ve been waiting for will be announced tomorrow night. It’ll be a change to the rules involving the judges. We can’t wait to find out! More on that later. Overall, it was a great night. Michael was strong. But we must admit to being disappointed there was no moonwalk or silver gloves.

Here’s how we rank them: Allison, Danny, Adam, Scott, Michael, Alexis, Lil, Jasmine, Matt, Megan, Anoop, Kris, Jorge

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  1. Is Paula high? She is really slurring some words tonight.

  2. At least she's consistent.

  3. Paula is like a train wreck if you soaked that train wreck in a box of wine and than watched it down a couple Percoset.

    Great live blog! Good insight! Enjoyed it!