Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The thing about Michael ...

Thoughts on Michael from a friend from American Idol's Michael Sarver fan thread.

"The thing about Michael is even though some people think he resemble's past Idols, he's really very different. He's got this amazing talent, but it doesn't control him.

When he was at Victory Christian Center on Cutten Rd, he sang on the worship team, and was one of our main worship leaders. He also worked with the other leaders to build up the skills of the team and help improve the quality of the sound as we worshipped. Makes sense right? To want to give God the best you can?

He was always very encouraging and never tried to be a "star", but put his heart and soul into helping raise up other singers. He does what he needs to do to take care of his family - he's a great husband and dad who adores and dotes on his wife and kids - which makes him one of a rare breed in his generation... let alone in the talent industry. So am I a Michael Sarver fan? Oh, yes! Does he deserve to win? Heck yeah!! It's your turn Michael!! We support you and love you!!!"

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  2. good luck ....young man....from a fellow jasper cty wishes for a succesful future....keep God and family first, and the rest will fall in place...