Wednesday, February 11, 2009


6:55 Here we go again. We'll be here all throughout the show to offer our running commentary. Feel free to use the comment button below to add your own thoughts. Good luck Michael!

7:08 The final 54 contestants show up at Hollywood mansion ... we're not understanding the purpose of the mansion.. will the contestants move into this place? Wow.. the singoffs are between people..oh, the drama. we love it. Does anyone else find the image of Cowell on a red velvet chair disturbing? "If I lose today, I lose everything," says Tatiana. HA. Honey, you lost it a few episodes ago. So the mansion's gardens have replaced the elevator? But the image of the kids crying in the elevators was always our fave. Anook (love him) he's in! 35 spots left. Von Smith, does anyone understand what he's trying to say, CALM DOWN, 34 spots left. Wait, his mom got to come? Will Michael's family be there?

7:20 We got a glimpse of Michael. Cody (horror film maker) up next.. first sing off. hmm, not sure about that song. Alex arrives (of course they had to pick Cody's friend to sing off against him, makes for better TV). Alex blows the socks off Cody but what's going on with his facial expressions. little scary. moment of truth.. Alex is in, Cody out. 33 spots left. Sucks that Alex's win came at his best friend's expense.. Adam Lambert next. He thinks singing Cher PAID OFF .. what????????? but of course they'll let him through, he's the fan fave. 32 spots left. .. oh guess what, Tatiana's going to cry later in the show.. NO, don't turn your TVs off.

7:30 Does anyone else find the decor of the mansion a little on the tacky side? Taylor V. up, not really remembering her, WHAT? she's in. guess we'll have to get to know her. Jasmine's also in. Arianna's in. Casey's in. Megan's in. Mishavonna in. Steve Wright in. 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25 left. Joanna, one our early fav's is up, but didn't impress in Hollywood. just tell her she's in already. damn the judges dragged that one out. 24 left. Yikes these spots are going fast.

7:45 Who are these guys? Don't remember seeing any.. ah TK, Chris, Reggi .. out, out, out. Kendall, well she's definitely not dressed in all black again.. now all yellow. the brighter color must've helped. 23 spots left. Jen, wow's there's a lot of contestants who haven't got much air time, another sing off!!! we're loving the drama. Jen did a good job, Ah, now the girl with the bad group day experience, Kristin. Singing for her life. She's good too.. like her voice tone better.. but "I will always love you"?? Isn't that song a little tired??? HA, Kara just said, "what the hell was she wearing" Obviously we're not judging on talent alone. We just had a flashback to America's Next Top Model. Who would Tyra pick?

7:55 Kara tells Jen's she's too pretty? Jealous much? And Paula says Kristin's having an identity crisis, says "what are you wearing" LOL.. this IS American's Next Top Model.. Kristin in .. Simon pissed off. He wanted the top model. 22 spots left. Cruella da ville, I mean Alexis G. is up next. Seriously, the outfit?? (as long as Kara and Paula are critiquing clothing, we are too). She's in .. 21 left. Scott, the blind guy (is it politically correct to say that?) is up. In. 20. Lil' Rounds also in. Love 19. Simon calls her a "good old fashioned" singer? again, the name is throwing us off.

8:10 Thirty contestants and 19 spots left. Felicia (don't remember), out. Ashley, who is she? out. Devon Baldwin?? another Baldwin?? Out. Frankie's up.. what a cute kid. ANOTHER SING OFF YEA!! who knew we would love this format so much. singoff with Jessie, she's a very interesting singer. Ok, Frankie first, like her voice tone too. And Jesse, better but weird song choice ..yikes, Simon tells her it was a horrible song and then "neither" should make it in but Jesse still in. 18 left. To make her feel better, Simon tells Frankie she had no chance of winning anyway. harsh much? But that's we love him right? anyone? right? NEWS ALERT: Mike is going face the bald guy in the singoff.. THE OILER VS. THE WELDER. sounds like a good wrestling match.

8:20 Shera, out. Derik "dog" out. Got another glimpse of Michael.. he looked stressed out. They always make him wait it out don't they. Alisson, little spitfire huh, those Hollywood performances were pretty intense. She's in. 17 spots left. Paula calls her the "dark horse." Guess that means we'll have to remember her next time around huh. Best friends Danny and Jamar coming up.. there's no way they'll make them sing against each other right?? please don't make them sing against each other. Here's Danny, he's another of our favs. woohoo he's in .. which means no singoff. 16 left. Jamar's next..

8:30 The piercing in Jamar's mouth confuses us. WHAT? he's out. I thought they would keep him and Danny together.. you know, good TV and all (queue sad music) Just heard audible gasp as room and all of America heard results. Ok, enough will the sad music. Ricky in, 15. Matt G in, 14. Junot Joyner in. Jorge N in. Brent Keith in. this is going too fast, we're losing count. let's see. 13, 12, 11 spots left? we think. Stephen, the guy who walked off the stage yesterday, is up. he's in?? really? don't they usually cut people for just forgetting lyrics. and he WALKED OFF the stage. 10. Norm Gentle or Nick Mitchell.. which will we see? We're hoping for Norm. He CRACKS us up. He said he'd wear a bikini if he gets through.. He's definitely got Simon's vote then. Norman's in... GRRRRRREAT. This season will be entertaining to say the least. 9 spots left. OK, NOW turn off your TVs.. Tatiana's next. We'll let you know when it's safe to return.

8:45 Ok, surely Mike's in this segment. They wouldn't make us wait until the end again, right? Jackie's next. Great voice, gotta be a yes. And it is. 8 left. Tatiana has arrived. We've decided to boycott this portion of the segment and will not blog until it's over. ....... ............. ..... ......... ..... ......... ... ... ...... ...... ...... can't... block... it... out... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, damn producers, they'll do anything to get people to watch. 7 spots left. The look on the other contestants face when they found out Tatiana made it.. priceless. Another singoff coming .. Jackie, don't remember, and Nathaniel, can't forget. Jackie sings a tired version of 'when a man loves a woman' Kara loves him though. Did you see the red pants Nate's wearing?? could they be any tighter? at least they match the judge's chairs.. definitely an advantage. And another crazy has made it into the show. 6 spots left.. Mike IS in last segment of day. why are they torturing us??

8:57 Here we go. Fingers crossed. Jeanine in, 5. Kai in, 4. Anne Marie in, 3. Kris in, 2. Only TWO LEFT! Bald guy and Michael are last two left. And there's two spots left or did we miscount? Are both going to make it in? Is that the surprise result mentioned in an earlier segment? Let's hope our math's right. If so, we're going to look pretty smart for keeping count. Matt (aka bald guy) up first in sing off. Not a good performance..that's gotta be good for Michael!! Simon tells Matt bad song choice. Micheal's rocking it. Paula and Kara cheering him on. He's a definite!!! Here we go: they are BOTH in. Damn we're good. CONGRATS MICHAEL!!!!!

9:00 Michael called his wife (hey tiffany) to tell her he made it. Did anyone else notice how polite Michael was when talking to the judges. We haven't heard that many yes mams and sirs since grammar school. Anyway, congrats Michael. But take some advice from us.. stay away from Tatiana. Until next week...Enterprise out.


  1. I love the commentary. I am laughing just reading it. I imagine some person sitting at a computer literally typing everything they are thinking while they watch the show. Too funny. Thanks for the humor. - from a piney woods fan

  2. H I L A R I O U S ! Thank you.

  3. Congratulations Michael, we knew you could and would make it. You were so calm and cool during the sing-off and I guarantee you the judges would have put you through even if there was only one spot left - You did the better job, hands down! We'll be watching you all the way and the prediction at our house here in Lumberton is that you will definitely be in the top 6.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, that was by far the funniest run down of the show. I am definitely gonna be reading more of your "thoughts" in the upcoming shows. I am so with you on the Tatiana thing. I cringe at the thought of having to watch her. The good news is that she is in the first 12 group with Michael next week. That means he really is only competing against 10 other people besides himself. 'Cause if America puts her through and not him, then I'm moving to England. OH, and by the way, love the "enterprise out" sign's gonna be your new thing.

  5. Great Blog. I will ck it out every week!!! ;)