Monday, February 9, 2009

Moms love Michael too

From the Enterprise's blog The Mom Spot
"And now we're in the middle of Season 8 and I'm already angry that we've lost Emily Wynne-Hughes and the Osmond kid, even though I'm openly pulling for the widowed music teacher and Jasper's own Jeremy Michael Sarver! Does anyone else feel like they actually know this guy when he's on the screen? I get all stupid like it's my cousin or something, pointing and saying, "Look! There he is!" But you know if he makes the Top 3 we're going to get that homecoming concert, and I'm all about watching him get the key to Jasper. " Read more


  1. Yes it is me again :o)

    We had hard times, but we were all tough, he left when he was ready, but he did not have too, please do not make it sound like you have. He had a great mom, please fix this.

    Thanks his Mom

    Born in March 1981, Sarver had a rough life growing up in Louisiana, Marshall said. As soon as he could support himself, young Sarver struck out to live the life of a gypsy, pursuing various jobs in the Fort Necessity and Extension areas of Louisiana, as well as Sulphur and Sikes.

  2. Thanks Mom, We'll pass this info along to the reporter who wrote that piece. And congrats on having such a talented son!

  3. Go Michael !!! Jasper is pulling for you. You are the talk of this town! We are so proud of you.