Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Group 3 - Part 5

Nathaniel Marshall
Nathaniel, otherwise known as the drama queen who's gotten the most TV time crying, actually has some decent pipes. His audition in New York and in Hollywood, while filled with drama, were good. And with the elimination of Tatiana (crossing fingers for wildcard), Nathaniel may be our best hope for some good TV. In his initial audition, Simon told Nathaniel, a costmetology student from New York, to tone down his clothing. Nathaniel has since said he plans on ignoring that advice and promises "to spice up the competition." We here at Idol Chatter applaud individuality, but what's up with the blue headband?

Von Smith
Von first gained success singing on YouTube, where Rosie O'Donnell spotted him and had him sing on "The View." In his first audition for Idol, we wowed judges with his incredible range as he sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." (It gave us chills) But he had a tougher time in Hollywood, where Simon called his audition "indulgent nonsense." With a unique style and a large online fanbase before starting, Von is going to be hard to beat this year ... if he can sing consistently.

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