Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet Group 3 - Part 3

Ju'Not Joyner
This is a second chance through idol for Ju'Not (pronounced Ju No). He auditioned last year but was cut in the first round. This year he sealed his fate after singing "Hey There Delilah" at the end of Hollywood Week. Ryan Seacrest said at the time that Ju'not had been flying under the radar. We agree.

Kristen McNamara
K Mac, as she calls herself, is another reality superstar - meaning this a'int her first rodeo. She appeared on the 4th season of Nashville Star and made it to the final 10. And now she's hoping for the same on Idol. If you don't remember her from "that other show," then you'll probably remember her from group week. She was the tiny, blonde girl who was cussed out on stage by the disgruntled contestant that ended up being the one person in her group who didn't advance.

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