Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You asked, Michael answered

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for us to ask Michael today in our one-on-one interview. Here's what he said. Watch for the full audio of the interview later and read the story in tomorrow's Beaumont Enterprise.

QUESTION: I recently viewed a clip interviewing Danny Gokey about your departure; he spoke of a song that you had written that he wants on his 1st album. With all the talent in the top 10, besides Danny, because its apparent that the both of you have become friends, do you see yourself working along the side of other top 10 performers from Season 8? Will the opportunity exist to write for, and even perform with, these other contestants besides the releasing of your own material?

ANSWER: Yeah, I could see myself working with Allison (Iraheta), definitely; Kris (Allen), we have some things in common musically. If they’ll have me, I’ll be there. They probably say the same thing about me. There’s a mutual respect between us. If the opportunity arose, absolutely.

QUESTION: I loved Michael on American Idol. I enjoyed his singing but even more than that was his personality. He has the best attitude I've ever seen. I can tell Jesus just flows out of him. My question would be would he consider Contemporary Christian. I think he would be great at that. I'd love to hear him sing it.

ANSWER: I actually would, But I’ll tell you this much. People will be surprised to see when my album comes out, it will have some inspirational on it. I am choosing the secular music world just for the sake that I believe that once you gain a voice you can speak about those things you believe but until you gain a voice and the respect of people. You can’t just expect them to listen to you just because you are.

QUESTION: When will we know dates and places for the tour?

ANSWER: – That’s actually a question I’d like to ask. We’ve not received any information ourselves about dates.

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